You plan to choose an electric scooter in 2020, but it is not so easy. The choice is broader, streets are becoming full of electric vehicules, and you want your own electric scooter too!

Maybe you never rode a scooter before, or maybe you just want to switch from petrol scooter to electric scooter. Good choice, there are many reasons why you would like to buy an electric scooter.

What should you check when you are looking for an electric scooter?


Choose an electric scooter that fits you

choose electric scooter 2020

This is one of the main important points. You want your scooter to be easily handle, you want your foot to touch the floor when you stop and leave a parking space without struggling.

Don’t worry depending on your strength, size and weight, you will find a scooter that matches you in 2020. Be careful to these details when you are looking for your electric scooter:

  • The seat height: some scooters have a seat height up to 780mm, others are smaller reaching 740 or even 700.


  • The weight of the scooter: trust me you don’t want to be embarrassed with a heavy scooter and ask people for help if it falls down. You will have much more fun with a scooter you can easily drive and manage. There are plenty different models of electric scooter, from 60 kg for the NIU MQi Pro to 270 kg for the BMW C Evolution.


  • The maximum weight of the passenger: each electric scooter supports a maximum weight. Be sure it is adapted for you and the second passenger to avoid future problems.

choose electric scooter for the city

Where are you going to ride?

The important questions you have to ask you first are :  How do I plan to ride my electric scooter? Where will I go? How many times a week?

Maybe you plan to use it to go to work and come back every day. Or maybe you plan to use it several times a week to visit your friends a. In this case, you should go for a scooter built for the urban life.

If you plan to leave for long journeys, with more stuff, the electric scooter you will choose will be very different from an urban one.


The battery, the most important to check

choose an electric scooter battery
Electric Battery NIU Panasonic

The quality

Choosing an electric scooter is of course deciding about the battery inside. In 2020, most of the electric scooters are equipped with a Lithion-Ion battery (Li-ion) but some are still using lead, acid or nickel. The Li-ion technology should be priviledged because it is lighter and more energy can be stock in it.

Be careful! If you are looking to receive a discount from your government by buying an electric scooter in 2020, the battery should not be made in lead in most cases.

In addition, knowing the battery was made by a recognized brand is a sign of quality. The recognized battery builder are Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

The autonomy

Pay also attention to the battery autonomy, and how long does it take to recharge it entirely. You don’t want to feel that charging is a burden. If you plan to use your electric scooter for your daily commutes, you are probably looking for a battery that can be recharged in one night or one morning.

In 2020 you can find batteries that can be fully recharged in 3.5 hours only, and will last for a range of 40 km.

Retirable, or not

The battery of an electric scooter can be retirable, but this is not the case everytime. Always ask your dealer about this detail.

If you plan to take the battery to your home or office to recharge it, you should go for a retirable battery.

However, maybe you have a garage where you plan and having a non retirable battery is not something that matters to you.


The power of the electric scooter

Electric scooters are generally classified in two categories: 50cc and 125cc.

This classification depends on the power of the motor and the maximum speed. If the power is between 1000 and 4000 Watts and the speed does not exceed 45km/h,  the electric scooter has a 50 cc equivalence. In France for example, these scooters can be driven by people starting from 14 year-old with only the AM licence. Licence is not required for adults.

For the second category, with a power of the motor higher than 4000 Watt, the electric scooter is able to reach highest speed and requires a driving licence.


How to choose an electric scooter application

The equipment you need when you choose an electric scooter

In 2020, electric scooters have their own applications. It permits you to monitor the level of your battery, as well as to geolocalize your vehicle.

You can imagine how useful it is to if you can’t remember where your scooter is parked.

Some brands such as Niu also provide an anti-theft tool that inform the owner sending him notification if the scooter has been hustled off.

You also have to ask yourself: Do I need a topcase? Where will I put my phone? Does the brand offer the accessories I need?


Choose an electric scooter in 2020 with the design you like

Technical features are essentials, but design matters.

There are plenty of different brands  of electric scooters in 2020, and you will for sure find the one that suits your personality.

Modern, retro, classical, spend a few moment asking yourself: does this scooter suits me?


Try it yourself before to choose an electric scooter

Of course, the best way to know if a scooter is perfect for you is to try it ! And good news, it is possible to try the NIU models everywhere around the world.

Find the store closest to you and book a test drive!


Tell us if you plan to ride in your city or countryside in the comments below 😉




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