So, you wanna buy an electric scooter, but you’re hesitating between a 50cc or 125cc equivalent? Let’s look at differences in this article.

Electric Scooter: 50cc or 125cc. What does that mean?

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The NIU NQi GTS has a maximum speed of 70km/H

“Cc” stands for cubic centimeters. It’s referring to the displacement capacity of the piston for producing power in petrol engines. As you know, electric scooters use electric power and this measurement cannot truly be applied to them. E-scooter’s power is measured in Watts or Kilowatts.

However, the “cc” expression is broadly known in the industry and is widely used to describe a gas moped. This gives you an idea about its speed and license requirements to drive it.


What is the difference in speed?

The classification into 50cc or 125cc depends on the power of the motor and the maximum speed. If the power is between 1000 (1 kW) and 4000 (4 kW) Watts, and the speed does not exceed 45km/h,  the electric scooter is a 50 cc equivalence.

With a power of the motor higher than 4000 (4 kW) Watts, the electric scooter is able to reach the highest speed and is considered as a 125cc equivalent.

Some scooters, such as the NQi GT, have a 3000 (3 kW) Watts power, but reach a 70km/h speed and are thus also classified as the 125cc category.


What about the driving license?

In most cases, a motorbike license is not required if you drive a 50cc equivalent electric scooter. In France for example, these scooters can be driven by people starting from 14-year-old with only the AM license. A license is not necessarily required for adults.

However, the electric scooters 125cc are faster and a license is usually needed to drive them. In certain cases, you just need a car license and some years of experience.


How to choose between 50cc and 125cc?

Your Experiencehow fast electric scooter 125 cc

Your choice will depend on your license, of course, but also on your experience with 2 wheels.

If you are not used to driving a scooter, you will probably be more at ease with a 50cc one. And of course, if you are used to driving motorbikes, you will probably be happier with a faster 125cc.

Your Habits

You should ask yourself this question: why am I buying this scooter? Is it for your daily commutes in town? In this case, a 50cc will probably do the job.

Do you plan to go on road trips in the countryside? Consider a 125cc.

To sum up, the best scooter will be the one that matches your need!


Do you need more advice on buying an electric scooter? This article may help you!

Tell us in the comments below what type of electric scooter you plan to buy 😉

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