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Need to constantly deliver goods around your city effortlessly with an all-electric, sustainable vehicle? Need to make serious savings on fuel and maintenance? The NQi Cargo is the business mobility solution you never knew you needed.


Building on our most successful and popular product the NQi Sport, we’ve made some sleek upgrades to now bring you that B2B/B2C mobility solution your business needs. We’ve added some solid rubber bumpers, dual-battery connectivity and digital fleet management system to give you an enhanced smart solution for your company, no matter the size of your operation.



Panini Delivery, Milano


Picnic, Tel-Aviv


Flower Delivery, Brighton



7 Hours Full Charge at a Standard Schuko Power Outlet. 

Charge at the office, home or your local café.

Removable 11Kg Lithium-Ion Battery. 

Standard Range (60V26Ah) and Extended Range (60V35Ah) versions available 

City Cruising Speed of 45 or 70 km/h with the NQI or GT Cargo 

Instant acceleration gets your stuff delivered quicker

Between 105-115km range on a full charge at just €1 per 100km

Single/Dual battery versions available 


Energy Output of 4042Wh per Charge.

That’s like boiling the kettle 50 times.

The rear rack is designed to be sturdy, large and suitable for whichever rear tailbox/container you wish to mount. It doesn’t matter if you’re delivering flowers, pizza, beverages or medicine, you’ll be able to easily load what cargo you need in a second.



Reliable Worker

The NQi Cargo has been built to move your stuff from A to B effortlessly.

Featuring a large rear rack to mount up to 80kg of gear, no matter whether you’re moving tools, food or heavier items, rest assured the cargo has the strength and stamina to make your journeys more efficient and practical.


Available in 45km/h and 70 km/h versions, single/dual battery versions and also standard or extended range versions.

Key Specs

Smart Connectivity

The Niu App has a full suite of connectivity, right in the palm of your hand.

You can perform a quick status check or quickly locate your scooter in real time via the App. 

Download our demo version to learn more! Available for both Android and iOS.


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