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Are you ready to celebrate with us?

Here’s the news: More than two million people in 48 countries across the world have brought us more than 10 billion kilometers traveled on NIU scooters. That’s the same as traveling the distance to the sun and back - 33 times!

We are delighted, mind-blown and humbled by all the riders who care about making their urban travels more sustainable. Thank you for choosing our scooters to show your love for our environment!

Now, are you ready to join the party? We will be giving away two special 10 Billion KM edition scooters later this month to mark this remarkable occasion.

If you want a chance to WIN our most exclusive scooter ever, be sure you're following our NIU brand Instagram account @niumobility.

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Keep track of the distance on and keep an eye out for the upcoming giveaway!

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