Enjoy it Together

Enjoy it Together

Wanna ride in style and comfort? The MQi+ Sport gives you both.

Easy-to-use controls, smart LCD dashboard and cruise control makes riding super easy and a sleek design ensures you look the part. 4th Generation Lithium-Ion Battery Technology means you’re riding around with the safest, most efficient cells on the market.

The MQi+ Sport is available in five different colors, depending on your style.

Smart Connectivity

Smart Scooter

The Niu App has a full suite of connectivity, right in the palm of your hand. 

You can check how much juice you’ve got remaining, perform a quick vehicle status check, or quickly locate your scooter in real time via the App. 

The ECU intelligent central controller has now been upgraded to version 3.0. As the brain of the scooter, it works with sensors located all over the vehicle. It monitors 200 pieces of data per minute, collecting and analysing the vehicle’s information. The unique OTA wireless upgrade feature makes feature updates and extensions easy without any hardware replacements.

The Cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities let you check 17 different vehicle statuses like location, riding history, vehicle status, and power statistics in real-time on the mobile app. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service.

Download our demo version to learn more! Available for Android and iOS.

Key Specs

There’s 2 versions of the MQi+ Sport: Standard Range and Extended Range. 

The difference? Just the battery. We want to give you the choice of extended range for your longer day-to-day journeys, or a shorter range for those who just need to get around over small distances. Unless you’re covering more than 20km per day, the standard range version should be enough.


11Kg Removable Battery (48V31Ah)

7 Hours Charging Time

45-55 Km Range


11Kg Removable Battery (48V42Ah)

9 Hours Charging Time

55-65 Km Range

Electronic Braking System

Our Electronic Braking System (EBS) provides regenerative power that intelligently puts power back into the system when braking. 

Our standard front and rear disc brakes also provide an additional layer of riding safety.

MQi+ Sport


Braking SystemCentral Braking System (CBS) Front & Rear Dual Disc Brakes
Braking Distance2.6m