Niu Store Categories - Explained

We are expanding our Flagship presence across the globe…

Flagship Store

Premium Store

Select Store

This is our 100% Niu bricks and mortar Experience. 

Our Flagship partners are the most knowledgable, trained people on the planet. You can expect the same world class service from Buenos Aires to Stockholm, and Tbilisi to New York.

They fully believe the future of transportation is electric and are extremely passionate about EV.

Premium stores make up the majority of our retail experience. 

These are multi-brand “shop-in-shop” stores which offer Niu as their main 2-wheeler electric vehicle. You’ll see dedicated product space for us and a wide range of our products.

These are the modern day believers who are aiding the transition to electric in their cities.

Your nearest store could even be a select store.

This means that the reseller stocks Niu and should offer you a free test drive. Rest assured you’re getting the same trustworthy product and service in-store with a Niu fan.





To check out which store is closest to you, then hit up our store finder below: