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Ezra from the NIU Flagship in Antwerp


100% NIU Inventory




80% NIU Inventory

Antonio Felix da Costa stands proudly next to his NIU scooter


20-50% NIU Inventory

NIU Flagship Stores

Stockholm Flagship Opening-034

This is our bricks and mortar Niuvana, 100% niu experience. Our Flagship partners are the most knowledgable, best trained people. You can expect the same world class service from Buenos Aires to Stockholm, Tbilisi to New York.

NIU Premium Stores

Premium stores make up the bulk of our retail experience, and these are muiltibrand stores which offer Niu as their main 2-wheeler electric vehicle. You’ll see approved Niu furniture in store giving you a smaller dedicated product space.


NIU Select Dealers

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 10.41.26

Your nearest store could even be a select store. This means that the reseller is more than happy to stock Niu, and will at minimum offer you a free test drive. Rest assured you’re getting the same trustworthy product and service.

NIU Dealers

We have NIU Dealers all across Europe to provide maximum visibility and availability.iahlifhaslifhlshflashflshdf


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