Can you feel the air getting warmer? We certainly can! As spring gives way to summer around much of the world, electric scooter riders are gearing up for peak riding season.

Before you begin your summer adventures, what electric scooter accessories will you need for summer? Check out our list of the top 6 essential scooter accessories for warm weather.


1. Phone holder

NIU Electric Scooter Phone Holder
A phone holder for riding

Whether you plan to take a road trip around the country or get around your city on a daily basis, a phone holder is essential for your electric scooter.

Phone holders are ideal summer accessories for your electric scooter when navigating from Point A to B. Choose a phone holder that:

  • Can be easily referenced when using navigation
  • Does not obstruct your view of the road or vital dashboard information
  • Mounts to the base of your rear view mirrors for best visibility and least distraction

Also, we highly recommend enabling Do Not Disturb mode on your phone to avoid unnecessary distractions when using the holder. Some phones will enable Do Not Disturb automatically when riding.

PRICE: €49


2. Back rest / Tail box

Seat back rests
Back rests to help your passenger ride with security

Summer is the perfect time for enjoying electric scooter rides with a friend or loved one. And a back rest is the perfect scooter accessory to help you achieve that!

Regardless if you’re riding silently through nature or scooting through the city, you want your passenger to feel safe and secure. Adding a back rest to your electric scooter will:

  • Give you and your passenger peace of mind

Alternatively, if you are the type who needs extra storage on your journey, a tail box works just as well! Similar to the back rest, the tail box will mount behind your passenger and provide:

  • Extra security for your passenger
  • Storage for a helmet, supplies, groceries, or other items

Summer picnic in the park, anyone?

PRICE: €49 (Back Rest) / €179 (Tail Box)


3. Open scooter helmet

Open style NIU helmet
An open style helmet for warm weather rides

Just like riding in winter, choosing the appropriate helmet for summer is crucial. Every electric scooter rider should put a lot of consideration into their helmet, as you may wear it for hours at a time.

When riding in warmer weather, you want a helmet with:

  • Open design for better airflow
  • Full protection of your head
  • (Detachable) face shield, if your scooter does not have a windshield already

If you do choose a closed helmet design for summer riding, make sure to select one with good ventilation so you’re not sweating profusely or feeling uncomfortable from the heat.

PRICE: €99


4. Raincoat

NIU scooter raincoat accessory
This raincoat offers full range of motion and headlight use

Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain? Of course! Although the weather may be getting warmer, many scooter riders will still need to be prepared for rain. For this type of situation, we recommend a lightweight raincoat or poncho.

Be sure to choose a raincoat that:

  • Has a lightweight design
  • Won’t get too hot if it’s still warm during rainfall
  • Allows for a full range of motion when riding your electric scooter
  • Will not interfere with your steering, braking, or using the headlights

Stay dry out there!

PRICE: May vary by brand and style



5. Weatherproof cushion cover

Weatherproof NIU scooter seat cover
A weatherproof seat cover accessory for NIU scooters

Just as you prepare yourself for rain with a raincoat, you can also prepare your scooter for rain with a cushion cover!

Choosing a weatherproof cushion cover can be a great addition to your summer scooter accessories if you live in an area with wet weather conditions. The appropriate seat cover will:

  • Resist rain and water
  • Dry quickly
  • Fit your scooter seat tightly

Pick the right cover so you can enjoy your summer ride without sitting on a wet seat for extended periods!

NIU, for example, offers cushion covers that work with their NQi and MQi scooter models.

PRICE: €20


6. Summer gloves

Summer scooter gloves
Breathable and open riding gloves (Photo by Ziemmo, used under CC license)

Compared to winter, you might be thinking that you won’t need gloves to ride in warmer weather.

But consider this: if you are going for long rides and your hands are exposed to the wind, they may dry out very quickly. Ensuring you have a comfortable grip for longer rides is also crucial. Summer riding gloves can help with this.

Pick gloves that are:

  • Lightweight and not bulky
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Protective
  • Not restrictive, so you can operate all functions of the scooter

You wouldn’t want to get out on the open road only to find out you can’t properly operate the scooter with the wrong gloves!

PRICE: May vary by brand and style



Where can I go to buy the best electric scooter accessories for summer?

If you are a NIU owner and you are interested in any of these accessories, be sure to check with your local dealers for availability! All the prices in this article may vary by region, so contact your local shop to learn more.

Stay safe on the roads and enjoy your summer rides!

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