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NIU enables smart e-scooter features, even without a battery

Every electric scooter has a common crucial part: the battery. The scooter battery is the centerpiece of how an electric scooter powers all the critical components. But will scooters run without a battery?

Electric scooters may not be able to take you from A to B without a battery, but NIU scooters will stay smart even without one! There are a number of features that will remain enabled on a NIU after the scooter battery is removed. The ECU battery is what makes these always-on smart features possible. The ECU is a mini computing unit that acts like the brain of your electric scooter. This ECU battery automatically recharges any time you are riding, or when your scooter is parked with the main battery connected.

So, let’s take a look at some convenient features that are powered by this ECU battery!


Movement and vibration alarms

We could all use a little peace of mind sometimes. Thankfully, NIU has your back with a variety of security and anti-theft features on every electric scooter. Every NIU scooter is cloud-connected and has multiple sensors at its disposal, giving you current and useful information at your fingertips.

Using the NIU E-Scooter app, you can receive movement and vibration alarm notifications from any paired scooters. If someone tries to move your scooter, the app will notify you immediately. Also, you can customize how sensitive the alarm is, giving you full control. A vibration alarm will also inform you when someone or something shakes your scooter. Again, all of this is possible without a scooter battery.

NIU smart scooter app
The NIU app enables scooter location mapping

Vehicle location

Forgot where you parked? Or maybe you need another pair of eyes on your electric scooter? The ECU battery can help with that!

Even if you take your scooter battery on the go with you, you always have access to the real time location of your NIU. Using GPS/GLONASS technology, you can quickly pinpoint where your scooter is with the app. With frequent updates to the cloud, the built-in map tool will help you to spot where your scooter is in relation to you. Thus, you will never lose your vehicle again. No need for extra accessories, or extra worry!


OTA updates

Perhaps one of the best features of NIU scooters is that they are always improving! With some help from the ECU battery, over-the-air updates directly to your electric scooter are possible.

Even if the scooter battery is disconnected, your NIU can still receive updates. NIU is always improving the riding experience for our customers, and that is aided by OTA software updates. The performance of your scooter ride can simply get better with the press of a button. The future of electric scooters is now!


A lot of electric vehicles in 2020 have smart options, but NIU scooters offer a robust set of useful features. As we mentioned, many of these features are still active even without a battery, which many other electric vehicles in 2020 cannot claim!

Which feature is your favorite?

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