Planning on riding your scooter in winter? For many around the world, temperatures have started dropping and that autumn breeze is turning into a winter freeze. That means you need to pick the right gear for your winter scooter trips. Thankfully, we assembled a list of the top 5 electric scooter accessories for riding in winter so you won’t get caught in the cold unprepared!


1. Warm winter gloves

Thermal scooter gloves for winter riding

First and foremost, you need a pair of winter gloves to keep your hands warm on frigid trips! Your hands control all the crucial functions of your electric scooter, so it’s important that you have a pair you can trust when riding. Here are some tips when picking from a wide variety of gloves.

Many winter gloves may be quite bulky for riding a scooter in winter, so you should choose an option that has both warm material and a full range of motion. You should also choose gloves that fit well with your other winter clothing. Make sure your gloves do not get caught on your coat sleeves or have any hanging pieces that may interfere with your scooter ride. The gloves should fit snugly on your hands without a lot of extra space inside, nor should they be too loose. Again, you want to steer, accelerate, and brake on your electric scooter with confidence.


2. Leg cover

NIU windproof scooter leg cover
Winter windproof leg covers will protect you on long scooter rides

When riding a scooter in winter, you might notice your legs getting cold as well. Depending on the weather, adding extra layers of bottom clothing may not be enough. If you need some extra protection, we recommend adding an electric scooter leg cover.


When picking a leg cover, it’s best to choose one that protects against windy weather. If you can find a leg cover that is water-resistant, that will also help you retain warmth in rainy or snowy conditions. Also make sure the leg cover can securely fasten to your electric scooter without any potential issues while riding. Take a few slow test laps around your neighborhood to try it out before setting off on the open road in winter.


3. Closed scooter helmet

Man wearing closed scooter helmet
Closed-design scooter helmets work best for winter

Many scooter riders enjoy the wind on their face in summer time, but in the winter that can be too chilly for some. The next item you need in your electric scooter accessories collection is a winter helmet. Many summer helmets have an open design, leaving your ears and face exposed.

Be sure to choose a winter helmet that fully covers your face and head. Also ensure you have a helmet with proper ventilation so it won’t fog up while you’re riding. The last thing you want is your helmet blocking your view and causing a dangerous situation.


4. Winter coat / Raincoat

Woman wearing scooter-friendly raincoat
This scooter raincoat offers full range of motion and headlight use

Not all of us may be riding in the Arctic Circle every day, so staying dry may be just as important as staying warm. For those situations, it’s worth considering a water-resistant winter coat.

Just like the gloves you choose, you also want a coat that allows for a full range of motion when riding your electric scooter. Some raincoats, for example, are made specifically for riding scooters. If you are searching for one of these, double check that it will not interfere with your steering, braking, or using the headlights.



5. Scooter cover

Scooter cover for winter
An example of a cover to protect your scooter

Whether you are riding your electric scooter all winter long, or parking it for days at a time, a scooter cover can be extremely useful.

Especially when parking outside, a cover can help you maintain the longevity of your electric scooter. Protected from the rain, snow, and wind, your scooter is less likely to be abused by the elements with a cover. Ideally, you should find a scooter cover made specifically for the brand you own, and make sure it can be securely fastened so it does not come off easily.


If you are a NIU owner and you are interested in any of these accessories, be sure to check with your local dealers for availability!

If you find that you won’t be riding your scooter in winter, there are also some simple battery storage tips you can follow to preserve battery health.

Stay safe and warm!

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