It may just look like another nicely restored 1966 VW van: but this one is powered by electric, not gasoline. VW called the vehicle “an important message for all fans of the Bulli and of electric mobility: the combination of high-end classic and high-tech electric vehicle which will be available to buy for real”. This one’s a concept vehicle, but VW partner will offer such conversions for sale

Drastic Plastic

Hoping to rid itself of the “public enemy number one” title, the plastics industry is making efforts to become more environmentally friendly, to quite literally save the planet. Plastic manufacturers are turning to recycled plastic and reducing their dependence on virgin plastics as the demand for reusable material increases. By 2025, Unilever wants to halve its use of virgin plastics and help collect and process more plastic packaging than it sells. 

Revellin’ In It

Healthcare workers in Brooklyn and Queens will receive free membership from eMoped sharing service Revel. The measure allows these indispendable workers to commute to work, instead of taking public transportation. “Everyone who can stay home, should stay home,” said Frank Reig, the CEO and co-founder of Revel, in a statement. “But, health care providers are desperately needed at work, and we are here to support them. We hope this helps them to travel alone, keep a safe distance from others, and get where they are needed most.”

#1 Formula

F1 already announced in Nov. 2019 plans to become carbon neutral by 2030, as part of an increased environmental focus, as well as wishing to make all events “sustainable” by 2025. Paul Ricard recently became the second circuit in the world to receive the FIA’s Three-Star Environmental Accreditation, the highest level of recognition for sustainability programmes awarded by motor sport’s governing body.

Microlino 2.0

An electric microcar and a three-wheeled e-trike for Europe, which are based on the Isetta bubble car and Vespa scooter designs respectively. Check out this week’s short piece of video content and have a look at these eye-catching innovations hoping to transform the micro-mobility sector in the not-so-distant future.

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