Will electric vehicles take over? Many Europeans already understand why EVs are the future.

Traditionally, diesel cars have been a popular choice in many European countries. However, it appears that many Europeans are throwing tradition to the wind and embracing electric vehicles in 2020.

According to a recent analysis by JATO, new-car registrations for electrified vehicles (including all-electric, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids) surpassed diesel for the first time ever. This is especially surprising when you consider that diesel vehicles were the preferred choice in European markets only five years ago.

Graph of EV, Diesel, and Gasoline registrations in Europe
Monthly car registrations in Europe by fuel type, Source: JATO

Electrified cars accounted for 25% of all new-car registrations in September 2020. A decade ago, diesel registrations were at 50%, while electrified vehicles were below 1% — a significant shift in preference. Both gasoline and diesel car registrations saw a double-digit decline compared to September 2019. One factor would be the EU’s continued push to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars.

Why electric vehicles are better

The rationale for customers to invest in electric vehicles is becoming more clear. EV affordability, high performance, and low maintenance costs are just a few reasons that some have chosen to adopt the EV lifestyle. Also, with electric vehicle charging stations on the rise globally, many people no longer feel the limitations of range anxiety. Additionally, there are an increasing variety of electric vehicles for sale across the globe, so it’s no surprise that the trend of EV adoption continues upward. Eco-friendly electric scooters are also appealing to a wider audience, as EVs re-shape urban mobility across the board.

One striking example of EV success in Europe is the Renault Zoe, which saw a spike in sales this summer due to new EV regulations. This low-priced, feature-packed compact EV is just another example of why electric vehicles are better. Many traditional auto companies are embracing this new electric future. Volkswagen recently released their ID.3 electric car, with hopes that it will headline their 2021 EV offerings in Europe. Although it is also quite compact, VW claims it can still reach a top speed of 99 mph (156 km/h). Combined with the upcoming offerings from other brands, it’s clear that auto-makers know the takeover of EVs is a foregone conclusion.

Do you already own an EV? Let us know why you think electric vehicles are the future, or stay tuned to Green Tech for more updates.

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