A NIU NQi GT wrapped next to a Christmas tree
There is still time for NIU holiday gifts!

The holidays are nearly here, and so is the NIU Holiday Gift Guide! Grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage, cozy up to the fire, and join us as we review the best gift ideas for the loved ones in your life.

So, which electric scooter is the best to buy in 2020? Whether your friends and family are new to electric scooters, or they are already scooter enthusiasts, we’ve got some inspiration here for you! Our guide offers gift ideas for men or women, so don’t worry! There is still time left to pick out the best electric scooters in 2020.

(Looking for a smaller gift for that scooter lover in your life? You can skip directly to our Accessorize your ride section below.)


NQi GT/S for the Urban Commander

NIU NQi GT speeds through the city
The Urban Commander zipping through the city

Do you know someone who takes their vehicle performance seriously? Is speed important to them? What is the best scooter in 2020 for this Urban Commander? The NIU NQi GT/S electric scooter will meet all of their riding needs.

Check out these top of the line specs from the NQi GT/S:

  • The top speed is 70 km/h, so they can zip through traffic with confidence
  • Forge a path with a max range of 130-140 km per charge for urban adventures without range anxiety
  • Featuring an advanced dual battery system, for maximum power and range
  • Feel the continuous power — 3500 watts of it
  • Tower over the road with a taller seat height (790mm for the GT, or 815mm for the GTS)
  • Take charge of your city with larger 14″ wheels on the NQi GTS
  • Track and share journeys with the NIU app integration

GREAT FOR: the scooter enthusiast in your life who refuses to compromise, or anyone who wants top of the line power and speed
PRICE: from €3,599


NQi for the Serious Commuter

Commuting through the city on a NIU NQi
The Serious Commuter cruising through the streets

Perhaps your friend or loved one wants a reliable commute vehicle or a sturdy workhorse? They are always on the go, and need to get from Point A to B with confidence. The best electric scooter for the Serious Commuter in your life is the NIU NQi.

Here are some noteworthy features of the NQi electric scooter:

  • It has a top speed of 45 km/h with plenty of power for cross-town trips
  • Enjoy a max range of 60-70 km so you can ride for days between battery charges
  • Seat two people comfortably on the scooter, so you can transport family, friends, or clients
  • Ride with peace of mind that the anti-theft features have your back

GREAT FOR: the daily work commuter who needs a more efficient transit option, or even a family who needs something more affordable than a car
PRICE: from €2,399


MQi+ for the Trendsetter

Fashionista on her MQi+
The Trendsetter likes matching with her MQi+

The Trendsetter wants to strut around town, and look good while doing it! The NIU MQi+ electric scooter can help with that. Without sacrificing any comfort, the MQi+ has a design that will turn heads: a perfect fit for the Trendsetter.

Here are some reasons why the MQi+ suits their needs:

  • Cruise through the trendiest areas of town with a top speed of 45 km/h
  • The 55-65 km max range gives them plenty of runway to work with
  • Unique style and beautiful design without compromising on the ride
  • Five bold colors that allow them to express themselves

GREAT FOR: your fashion-forward friends and family who want to stand out from the crowd
PRICE: from €2,099


UQi for the Budget Defender

NIU UQi on campus
The Budget Defender taking the UQi to class

We all have that frugal friend who loves discounts, or maybe they are a student who is saving up for their next term’s textbooks. So what’s the best electric scooter in 2020 for the Budget Defender? Look no further than the NIU UQi electric scooter.

We saved up a few important details about the UQi to share:

  • Pop over to the thrift store or jet to class with a top speed of 40 km/h
  • With 25-30 km of max range, you can easily visit the best spots in your community or near campus
  • Save money with the most affordable NIU model, so they don’t lose sleep at night
  • Thin and agile, the UQi can navigate tight spaces and is great for parking near campus or in an apartment complex

GREAT FOR: anyone who needs convenient transportation without breaking the bank, or for running errands in your neighborhood
PRICE: €1,899


UQi GT for the Playful Hobbyist

A NIU UQi GT with a helmet on a bench
The NIU UQi GT eagerly awaits the Playful Hobbyist to take the reins

The Playful Hobbyist is that friend or family member who is a lovable rogue. They want to rip through the city while wearing a mischievous smirk on their face. And the perfect gift idea to help them do that is the NIU UQi GT.

Here are some pointers that will surely wrangle their attention:

  • Grin at bystanders as they fly by with a top speed of 45 km/h
  • Keep the fun going for up to 50-60 km of max range
  • Turn the city into a playground with the nimble design of the UQi GT
  • Burn rubber on 14″ wheels for increased height and excellent traction

GREAT FOR: putting a grin on the face of any enthusiast
PRICE: from €2,299


And don’t forget, the NIU app integrates perfectly with all these smart scooter models! You can track your journeys, check the scooter’s GPS location, enable anti-theft features, and more!


Accessorize your ride

The holiday gift guide would not be complete without some useful scooter accessories for your consideration.

Here’s a quick list of our top scooter accessory recommendations:

  • Accessories for your NIUReliable bag: Every scooter rider needs a backpack or bag they can count on. Make sure to choose a bag that is made of sturdy materials, has lots of pockets, and features comfortable straps.
  • Phone holder: This will provide easy access to phone navigation so you can get from Point A to B as fast as possible.
  • Battery lock: The battery is crucial to the function of any electrical scooter. NIU scooters have removable batteries, which is highly convenient for charging on the go, and a battery lock will give your loved one peace of mind.
  • Helmets and protective gear: Especially if you are riding in the winter, it’s important to ensure you have the appropriate gear for the season, particularly a helmet. Keep your loved ones safe and show you care by finding a helmet that meets their needs.
  • Seat back for your NIUSeat back: If transporting passengers is your thing, then you can also purchase a seat back. This will add another layer of safety to the scooter and give you peace of mind when riding with others.
  • Tire pressure monitor sensor: If you are looking for an enthusiast-level scooter accessory, consider purchasing a tire pressure monitor sensor. The official NIU sensor integrates seamlessly with the NIU app and provides yet another piece of geeky data for your scooter lover to be infatuated with.


Holiday gift guide tips for everyone

What is the best scooter to buy in 2020? If you are considering purchasing an electric scooter for yourself or someone you care about, there are some key points to keep in mind. If you haven’t already seen our article on 7 things to look for when you choose an electric scooter, here is a quick review for you:

  • Choose an electric scooter that fits you (seat height, weight, passenger capacity)
  • Consider where you will ride and how often
  • Check for a high quality battery with a reasonable recharge time
  • Verify the power output and top speed of the electric scooter
  • Think of what accessories or anti-theft measures are best for your needs
  • Choose a design that you find appealing
  • Schedule a test drive to try it out

Happy Holidays from NIU

Which scooter is best in 2020? You will have to choose based on your loved one’s needs! (Be sure to check your local laws to see which models require a license.)

There is also a wide variety of accessories to choose from based on who you are buying for. Which one was your favorite?

If you saw something you liked from our list, please be sure to check with your local dealer for availability!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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