You'll Both Receive A Free Services Repair

How Does It Work?


Bring your friend to the same store where you PURCHASED YOUR NIU


If your friend purchases a NIU, their first maintenance service will be FREE


After the successful referral, your first service will also be FREE



(1) Action valid within 6 months after purchase at the same NIU Dealer only.

(2) Both maintenance services are free of charge and will be available after the successful Refer A Friend purchase.


Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Participation
(1) NIU is the organizer of the campaign.
(2) Eligible to participate are persons of full age.
(3) The customer receives the rights to participate after purchasing a new NIU scooter at a NIU Dealer shop and will receive a written confirmation and/or a notification by e-mail.
(4) The prize is the first maintenance service free of charge for both customer A and customer B.
§ 2 Exclusion from the competition
(1) Employees of NIU are excluded from participation.
(2) If these conditions of participation are violated, NIU reserves the right to exclude persons from the campaign.
(3) Persons who make use of unauthorized aids or otherwise gain advantages through manipulation are also excluded. If necessary, winnings may also be withdrawn and reclaimed subsequently in such cases. Only one entry per person is permitted.
§ 3 Implementation and processing
(1) Prizes can be redeemed at the NIU Dealer shop of purchase, within 6 months after purchase confirmations. NIU is not liable if the winner does not take note of the message in time.
(2) Customer A and customer B are to purchase a new NIU scooter at the same NIU Dealer shop.
(3) A cash payment of the prize or any substitute prize is in no case possible.
(4) The claim to the prize or a replacement prize cannot be assigned.
§ 4 Premature termination of the lottery
NIU reserves the right to cancel or terminate the campaign at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons. NIU makes use of this possibility in particular if for technical or legal reasons a proper execution of the campaign cannot be guaranteed.
§ 5 Data protection
NIU undertakes to observe the statutory provisions on data protection.
§ 6 Miscellaneous
(1) Legal recourse is excluded.
(2) Chinese law is exclusively applicable.
(3) Should any of these provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms of use.
(4) These terms of use can be changed at any time by NIU without separate notification.

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