6 Essential Tips to Get Your Electric Scooter Ready for Summer

Did you know that we have 6 different product series of electric kick scooter? With summer here, it’s the perfect time to make sure your scooter is in top shape. Whether you’re heading to the beach or just zipping around town, these tips will help keep your ride in tip top condition.

1. Give Your Scooter a Good Clean

A clean scooter is a happy scooter! After sitting idle, your scooter might have collected dust and dirt. Unplug the battery and use a damp cloth to wipe down the chassis, wheels, handlebars, and brakes. Avoid the electrical parts, and never charge a wet scooter. For extra smooth folding, grease the axles after cleaning.

2. Check Your Wheels

Wheels need love too! After some downtime, tire pressure can drop. Smaller tires deflate more quickly, so check for any signs of wear, cracks, or bulges. Make sure your tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If they’re looking a bit tired, it’s time for a replacement.

3. Keep the Battery in Top Shape

Your battery is the heart of your scooter. Start with a visual check for any damage or swelling. Give it a full charge using the original charger. Batteries can lose capacity over time, so do a performance test to see if it discharges normally. Use your scooter’s app for detailed battery info and keep it cool and out of the sun to extend its life.

4. Tighten Those Screws

Loose screws can be a safety hazard. Regularly check and tighten all screws on your scooter. Vibration from riding can loosen them over time, leading to potential accidents. Keeping everything snug ensures better stability and control.

5. Test and Adjust the Brakes

Brakes are crucial for safety. Check the brake cable for any loose strands and make sure it’s secure. Test the brakes by doing an emergency stop to see if the rear brake caliper grips the disc properly. Adjust the brake caliper to prevent it from rubbing, and replace worn-out brake discs.

6. Light Up for Safety

Be seen and be safe! Check all lights and reflectors on your scooter. Make sure your headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights are working properly. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and ensure reflectors are secure.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable ride all summer long. At NIU Technologies, we’re all about making urban mobility smart, safe, and sustainable. So, let’s get those scooters ready and hit the road!

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