Electrify Expo

Electrify Expo Long Beach was a spectacular event, drawing over 32,000 guests to the vibrant coastal city of Long Beach, California. Spanning two days from June 1st to June 2nd, 2024, the expo was a bustling hub of electric vehicle enthusiasts and industry leaders, all eager to explore the latest innovations in electric mobility. As a member of our NIU community, you already know our commitment to leading the charge in electric two-wheelers. This event was no exception.

NIU’s Booth and Test Rides

Our presence at the expo was marked by two bustling booths. Booth #1000 showcased our high-speed XQi3 electric dirt bikes, while booth #554 was dedicated to our popular KQi-Series kick scooters. Each booth, measuring 200 square feet, was a hive of activity with spec stands, product displays, and covered tables.

One of the event’s highlights was the test rides. We achieved a record-breaking 793 test rides, the highest ever at an Electrify Expo. The KQi-Series kick scooters were a hit, impressing riders with their smooth acceleration and responsive handling. Attendees of all ages enjoyed the thrill of zipping around on our electric kick scooters.

Equally exciting were the XQi3 test rides. Our all-electric dirt bikes, designed for both street and off-road use, captivated attendees. With a top speed of 75 km/hr / 40-46 mph and a range of 90 kms / 50-55 miles, these dirt bikes provided an exhilarating experience.

Panel Discussion: “Is There Really a Market for Electrifying Everything?”

A significant highlight of the expo was Joseph Constanty’s participation in a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Is There Really a Market for Electrifying Everything?” As our Director of Global Strategy and Corporate Development, Joseph shared NIU’s vision and insights into the future of electric mobility.

He explored the expanding market potential, technological advancements, and the shifting consumer landscape with a focus on innovations from China (the world’s largest EV market). His contributions highlighted NIU’s leadership and our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, resonating with the audience and sparking engaging discussions about the future of electric vehicles.

Watch the whole panel discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eRPmViWpqg

Media Day and Key Placements

Media day at Electrify Expo was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our latest products and connect with influential journalists. Our features in prominent outlets like Autoweek and ABC7 underscored NIU’s position as a leader in electric mobility.

Engaging with the Community

Our engagement efforts went beyond just showcasing our products. We distributed various giveaway items, including NIU bags, hats, keychains, and wristbands, which were well-received by attendees. These items not only served as memorable souvenirs but also helped deepen our connection with the community.


Electrify Expo Long Beach was a resounding success for NIU. It provided an excellent platform to showcase our innovative electric scooters and bikes, engage with our community, and gather invaluable feedback for future improvements. Your enthusiasm and support are the driving forces behind our continuous quest for innovation and excellence.

As we look forward to future events, we remain committed to leading the way in electric mobility and making strides towards a more sustainable future together. Thank you for being an integral part of the NIU community! Electrify Expo, see you in San Francisco.

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