Design is an important aspect at NIU and O.T.R. Service NIU Premium store in Geldrop, Netherlands totally agrees with that. Ever since they started, they have been offering the ‘Special’ service.
They transform your scooter into a colorful display and install numerous accessories, all according to the customer’s wishes. It’s the perfect way to stand out even more during your NIU ride! We asked O.T.R. Service what they do exactly.


NIU scooter at OTR Service in the Netherlands
A unique stripe design on the NIU NQi scooter

How long have you been offering the special service and how many scooters have you tuned in the meantime?
Almost from day 1 that we are working with NIU, we have ideas about making the NIU scooters even more beautiful and have continued to expand this.

In the meantime we have made about 15 scooters that have the label Special. This may not seem like much, but we do want to keep it exclusive, not a series of the same versions, but each unique version entirely according to the customer’s wishes. The point is that we make the NIU scooter a hip product and that the focus shifts from mainly the price to “I would like a scooter that matches my personal style”.


How exactly does such a special work?
There are 2 options for creating Specials.

We make these according to our ideas and that means that we spray the hoods, rims, handles, handlebars and swingarm. We also often build in a Bluetooth speaker and it is also possible to mount the dashboard of the pro version on the standard version.

Furthermore, the customer remarkably often chooses to mount certain (high quality) tires. The buddy seat is an excellent part in which one can express one’s own style and preference.

Another possibility is that we build the scooter completely according to the customer’s wishes, our specials then serve as an example to show what is possible.

This is by far a favorite because it is difficult to visualize the possibilities without an example.


Custom orange NIU NQi scooter
A flashy orange NIU scooter design

What is the cost of a special?
We like to brainstorm with the customer about what is possible and the customers are therefore enthusiastic, they often call later to add an extra option. In these cases, the price is subordinate to the desire for a truly unique and personal item.

It is difficult to say what the costs are, because no scooter is the same. A few other tires cost € 120 extra — but if the rims are painted a different color or even several colors, the costs can of course add up. It’s entirely dependent on how “crazy” the customer makes it! Depending on the options, a special comes out on average at an amount that is approximately € 800 higher than a standard factory version.


Do you have a favorite special so far?
The matte green that we made with golden rims and finished with black has turned out very nice.

NIU scooters at OTR Service store in the Netherlands
Beautiful customized NIU scooters on display at OTR Service


Are you curious about what you could do with your NIU?
Contact O.T.R. Service in Geldrop, Netherlands. They are happy to help you!

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