How do you charge an electric scooter? The trend around electric scooters is growing, and you should know more about how it works. You’ve come to the right place 😉

Let’s have a glance at how to charge an electric scooter.

Charging… but how?

Electric scooter chargers are not much different from your smartphone charger. They have one side connected to the battery, and another one you can plug to a normal electrical outlet. Simple!

Removable Batteries…or not?

charge an electric scooter
Plug your scooter

Electric scooters can have removable batteries. They make your life simpler because you don’t have to look for a parking space close to an electrical outlet to charge your moped. Just remove your battery and take it home!

The choice of your electric scooter will mostly depend on this element.

If you don’t own a garage where you can charge your scooter, removable batteries are a must. Otherwise, you will never stop asking yourself how to charge your electric scooter.

Some e-scooters, like the NIU models have two options. You can both charge the scooter directly to an outlet, or remove the batteries to charge them.

How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Scooter?

Knowing how long you should charge your battery for is a tricky question to answer. All electric scooter’s batteries are different! From one manufacturer to another, one model to another, all batteries have different powers, ranges and charging times.

You can find batteries that charge very fast, but maybe you will only be able to drive 20 kilometers at a 40km/h speed.

To sum up, take into account every element; battery charging time included. Check this article to know how to buy an electric scooter.

How to charge an electric scooter
Battery Niu MQi

How Often Should I Charge my Electric Scooter?

The battery discharges differently depending on your habits. If you are driving at maximum speed, climbing, and always carrying a passenger, the batteries will discharge faster than if you were driving alone at an average speed on a flat road. The more energy-demanding your habits are, the fastest the battery will discharge.

How to Know the Battery Level?

All electric scooters screen the battery level on their dashboard. You can easily check the level of your battery by looking at it! Some brands even provide an application that indicates your scooter’s battery levels and geo-localization.


Charging an electric scooter is as easy as charging a phone! Tell us in the comments below if this article helped you 😉


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