What would commute look like after lockdown? The novel coronavirus shifted society into an era of social distancing. Long gone are the days of being packed shoulder to shoulder into a bus or subway. Amidst the coronavirus, electric scooters are the best things to invest in right now:

coronavirus electric scooter public transportationThe Problem with Public Transportation

Keeping a 2-meter distance from others means that public transportations systems will not be the same. Maximum capacities will only be a fraction of its normal levels. London tubes will only be 15% full, while busses a mere 12%.

One solution is to stagger the use of public transportation. Rush hours would last close to five hours. Only a portion of the population will be allowed to use public transit at a time. However, this system still has major implications on daily lives: getting to work on time, picking the kids up from school. This system is inadequate for the majority of the population.

With the looming risk of contracting the virus, avoiding public transportation all together is the best option.

General Safety to protect yourself against the Coronavirus

Even if public transportation adopts social distancing practices, they are far riskier than personal ways of transportation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises everyone to limit contact with others and shared surfaces. With personal vehicles, the CDC also advises improving the ventilation of a personal vehicle.

Traveling via electric scooters checks all the boxes. They are personal modes of transportation that limit interactions with others. Scooters also provide users with a far more ventilated way of travel as compared to cars.

The Efficiency of Electric Scooterscoronavirus efficiency electric scooter

As city populations switch over to personal modes of transportations, experts worry about busy traffic patterns. Experts also worry about the environmental impacts of more cars. Electric scooters provide an easy solution to these problems. In addition to being more eco-friendly and less costly than cars, electric scooters help make transportation in cities more efficient overall. Research from the Belgian Transport & Mobility research institute reveals that switching to cycling improves travel time efficiency. When 10 percent of car drivers changed to cycles the total of lost travel hours decreased by 63 percent.

With an influx of people on the road, opting for an electric scooter is the best thing to do. Scooters will benefit you, the community around you, and even the city as a whole. Thus, electric scooters are the best thing to invest in within a coronavirus influenced society.

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