Running an electric scooter is cheaper than a petrol one. Fact. Let’s look into how and why.

1. Saving money using electric scooters

electric scooter cheaper electricity
Bye bye expensive gasoline!

Driving an electric scooter is way cheaper than driving a petrol scooter. Let’s have a look at Europe.

In France, a gasoline liter is set around €1.40. On average, a full tank of gas will cost you €7 for a driving range of about 150 kilometers on a petrol scooter.

Yet charging an electric scooter will only cost you around €0,70 for the same distance! At the end of the year, at a total of 10,000 km distance driven, you’d save over €400* in fuel costs. Even more if you charge at the office!


2. An electric scooter requires much less maintenance

Petrol scooters have a motor composed with many pieces. The more pieces you have, the more chance one of them can be damaged.

Electric scooters have electric motors that make the maintenance simpler. Simpler is cheaper!

No more air filter, engine oil, fuel filter.


3. An electric scooter is eligible for an Eco-bonus

Did you know that your country could give you money off if you buy an electric scooter?

Several countries provide subsidies for electric vehicles owners. In France, this eco-bonus can reach €2400! If you are a French citizen, you can compute the amount of your bonus by clicking here.

An eco-bonus also exists in Italy , Canada, Netherlands, Spain and other countries.


buy electric scooter cheaper 20204. No parking fees

Are you already a two wheeler? If not, you are probably struggling in traffic jams, and when you finally arrive, comes the “find a parking place” hassle.

Driving a car makes our lives stressful, and more expensive. Did I tell you about the “pay the parking fee” step?

A study affirms that an average U.S. driver pays more than $3000 a year on all-parking related expenses!

With an electric scooter, forget about all this stress. And they are so many other reasons why you should buy an electric scooter!



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