Noah is a young surfer from Cornwall. He’s got the look, the attitude and the perfect mode of transportation. Let’s see what he has to say.

“As a surfer I get to experience some of the most beautiful places in the World. Crystal Water, colourful reef and amazing backdrops

Noah and his MQi+

accompany a lot of my surfs.

Okay so that’s not always in the U.K., but even here I get to spend my time in a largely unspoilt and stunning environment.

The thing that really makes me stop and think sometimes is the impact that we have had on some of these coastal areas. This could be plastics, water and air pollution or letter blowing around. It has always seemed a little bit of a contradiction when surfers turn up at the beach in big trucks or on noisy and dirty scooters.

To be able to breeze down to the beach in silence on my Niu MQi+ emitting no fumes is an absolute game-changer. All my journeys around here are short ones on small lanes that in the season get really busy. I don’t have to stop and start, use petrol or oil and can go anywhere and park with ease. I love the fact I never have to visit the petrol station and that a simple charge is all I need!

Clean, economical, and super-efficient transport, you can’t believe you can move so easily and leave no trace and it really challenges what you believe a scooter to be.

Surfer Niu electric scooter
Getting ready !

It is fair to say my friends and fellow surfers at the beach have been pretty blown away by the bike and many are thinking of getting one even if they have cars. In my position, it is the perfect solution giving me freedom at a young age and a sense that I am looking after the environment I love.”


What do you think about strolling down the UK’s country roads and discovering nature’s hidden gems emission-free?

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