Driving an electric scooter is so much fun, Pascal’s girlfriend got one for herself! Let’s see what it’s like to drive a NIU MQi Lite through the eyes of Pascal, who lives in the south German town, Ansbach!

Pascal Poses with his MQi Lite

“I had never ridden a scooter before. At 32 years old, I bought an old petrol scooter built-in 1993. It was my first scooter, and it was old and I always had something to fix. On top of that, it was very loud and very stinky. I got used to repairing it by myself by watching some YouTube videos. It was not convenient.

Then I heard about a NIU store opening. It was the first time I had heard about electric scooters. It seems that other brands are rather very expensive or ugly! I liked the NIU design, and it was very affordable. I first tried to buy a second-hand NIU scooter that I had found on eBay, and I loved it.”

Pascal bought his electric scooter in March 2020, from the NIU Premium Store in Nuremberg. And then his girlfriend had to join in on the fun!

“My girlfriend enjoyed my NIU, so she wanted one for herself! She realized how good it was to ride a NIU. So, after some quick test rides, we decided to get a black NQi Lite for her in June. We purchased this one again in the NIU Premium Store in Nuremberg.”

“I am having definitely more fun, riding my NIU. Sometimes I just take it for a quick ride through the town for no reason. I also don’t have to fix my scooter almost every week. With my old scooter and its combustion engine, life was so much more annoying. It really caused lots of problems that an electric engine doesn’t have! So, my life became a bit more relaxed.”

Even though he got his scooter right before lock-down, that hasn’t stopped him from cruising the streets!

Never a Struggle to Find a Parking Space!

“We are trying to use our NIUs as often as possible. Right now, in the summertime, our cars have already started to become useless, as we only drive them if the weather is bad, if we have to carry loads of things, or if the distance is too long. But for every short ride into the city, to our jobs or just to go shopping, we only use the NIUs and enjoy every ride!

Currently, I charge my scooter only once or twice at home. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of charging points in my town, or rather, there are only charging points for electric cars. But that’s fine for me! The scooter’s range is enough for my lifestyle! At least I don‘t have problems finding a parking space with my scooter in town. That’s one more reason why I prefer it when I go into the city.”

Pascal has even become a local celebrity while riding his NIU!

Dating Scooters

“I feel like I’m more famous now (hahaha), as I addressed on my E-Scooter at least once a week by some pedestrians :D. What’s really funny is that so many people are excited about my NIU when you ride silently next to them. Almost every week some stranger is interested and wants to talk to me. The questions are always the same: ‘What’s the price? What’s the range? How fast is it?’

My girlfriend and I also invited some members of our family or friends for a quick test ride and literally everybody got so surprised and were all happy with the experience. Every single of them had a smile on their face! Everybody thought it was great fun. There were absolutely no bad reactions. And I think this is really something special. With my old stinky and loud two-stroke-engine people weren’t that friendly :D.”

Just like Pascal says, “As soon as you sit on a NIU scooter, you become happy.” What do you think? Do you want to drive an electric scooter with your significant other too?


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  1. We ride our N-GT IN SPAIN ALREADY 2 YEARS AND it has NOW over 7000 km done without any trouble. Have to say that i did some little improvements maybe niu includes in new series (higher clap in of the standing feet so doesn’t touch street in curves, extra stabilize bars for have a big trunk on the back, springs to get the brake shoes well back not have the anoyng peeping, tide all loose screws, gresase or paint all srews how rust quick, adjust the break light sensor to be available to only break by engine witch recharges more battery……… improvements).
    The biggest problem is that we have to buy a other one as i fight dayli with my wife to use it, nobody wants the car.
    Electric ride is so much fun, as we have a such good feeling having loaded it always on solar panels, means absolutely clean.

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