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The pandemic forced everybody to think outside of the box and to carry on in an as regular way as possible and to keep spirits high. So when Tenue, an Amsterdam denim-specialized retailer,  approached NIU looking for a more sustainable way to offer door-to-door delivery services for their denim products amidst the global crisis, the partnership seemed a perfect ‘fit’.

Tenue adapted to Covid-19 by offering doorstep delivery to customers for their wide selection of denim brand clothing. Up until recently, Tenue were offering door-to-door delivery on standard petrol scooters. But a brand that preaches sustainability and longevity needed a more sustainable mode of transport to carry out it’s door-to-door delivery services.

“We used to have petrol scooters, which were fine but broke down often. Also, due to new regulations less and less petrol scooters are allowed to ride in Amsterdam. A few of our store employees had experiences with electric scooters and recommended we’d use them for our deliveries, so, we made the switch! Also, we do a lot of deliveries each day, so switching to a more sustainable option made sense to us. Even though it’s a small step, it is a step in the right direction.”

The current situation has caused businesses to adapt and overcome many challenges in order to operate. Tenue uniquely adapted to Covid-19 by offering doorstep delivery to customers. Door-to-door like never before.

“Over the past few months, our doorstep deliveries have become a defining part of our business. It was great to see the smiles on your faces at your own doorstep during hard times. Even though the doorstep deliveries were a huge success, we at Tenue de Nîmes always strive to improve our services. So, we got in contact with NIU, a company that specializes in full electric urban mobility.”

Lately we’ve been partnering with small businesses to support local community’s through eco-delivery solutions and more. Tenue is an Amsterdam-based Fashion retailer specializing in Denim clothes made to last. as an upcoming leader in the 

“We want people to buy quality garments that they will fall in love with and will wear for years on end. The overproduction of clothing in the world is ridiculous. People have lost their sense of the worth of clothing and have forgotten the pleasure of having a garment that ages with you! We want to bring that sense and pleasure back.”

“We are thrilled to say that from this day onward we will be using NIU’s electric scooters to bring you, the customer, your order, fully electric! Unlocking the city and riding through Amsterdam on our new electric NIU scooters makes our delivery service even more convenient!

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