NIU Perspectives is a series that explores behind-the-scenes at NIU through the eyes of our staff.

Bryce joined NIU in October 2020 as Community Manager. We sat down with him to discuss his role overseeing the NIU Club community, his experiences as a fan, and his journey that led him to NIU in the first place.


Bryce close up bushes
Bryce joined NIU in October 2020 as Community Manager (Photo by Rachel Lee)


Please introduce yourself to our audience.

My name is Bryce and I’m the Community Manager here at NIU! I build and nurture our NIU Club online communities and partner with our local fans to host events around the world. Also, I create informative articles (yes, even the words you’re reading now) on our Community blog, a comprehensive resource that spans a variety of topics including electric vehicles, sustainability, and urban mobility. Furthermore, I provide support to our users on social media by answering questions and comments.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA. While studying linguistics at university, I was fascinated by languages and cultures around the world. My first real international travel experience was studying abroad in Germany. After living there, I had a chance to travel around Europe and Asia.

I really believe that travel allows you to see life through a different lens. That’s also what I love about working with user communities like the one at NIU.


How did you discover NIU?

My first experience with NIU was back in 2018. I had recently started a new job and was commuting in the city about 40 km (25 miles) round trip every day.

I needed an alternative to public transportation, so I purchased a cheap electric scooter from a random brand I did not recognize. That was a mistake. One day, the scooter died on my commute and I found myself stranded on a busy street, nowhere near my home or my work.

That’s when I decided I needed an actual reliable vehicle getting to work. I knew several friends who already owned NIU N-series scooters and they convinced me that was the solution I needed.

I went to the local NIU store the next weekend and bought one. It’s one of the best investments I have ever made.

After that, I instantly became a fan. I loved the smart features built into the scooter, especially GPS location tracking. It made me wonder why all other vehicles don’t have these features.

Two years later, I came across a job listing at NIU and I freaked out a bit because I knew I wanted to work there. I applied, and the rest is history.


Man with NIU scooter in foreground and building in background
Bryce was a NIU fan long before he joined the company (Photo by Rachel Lee)


What is your favorite part about working at NIU?

My love for NIU is really two-fold.

As part of the NIU staff, I appreciate the work itself, both writing content and also interacting with our users on a daily basis. It’s refreshing to see our NIU Club riders online, proudly taking photos of their scooters and customizing them to their liking.

One community story that really underlines why I love NIU was from a user who shared that his NQi scooter allowed him to ride regularly, despite having a medical condition that prevented him from driving a car. NIU really enables him to explore his city, where a traditional car falls short.

Beyond that, I really believe in NIU’s mission to redefine urban mobility and make life better. By leading the charge towards EV adoption, we can have a meaningful impact on our lives and the environment. Our vehicles are a great gas car replacement for most urban commuters.


I really believe in NIU’s mission to redefine urban mobility and make life better.


How do you see the NIU community developing?

Obviously, 2020 was a very difficult year for planning events, due to the pandemic. But we want to continue building the local NIU Club communities through events, as that becomes possible in more places around the world.

I also want to see our online NIU Club communities flourish, particularly for individual countries. Right now, we have NIU Club Facebook groups for Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, France, and Belgium, in addition to the global group. It’s very refreshing to see like-minded people come together around the common cause of e-mobility. I really hope we can keep building connections between users in those groups, and they can use those communities as starting points for group events.

Furthermore, I love to see how our users customize their scooters to be their own, and some of the really creative ideas they come up with. I look forward to the NIU Club growing and with that, the creativity and diversity of the community, too.


Man on NIU scooter with forest background
Bryce and his NIU — inseparable (Photo by Rachel Lee)


How do you recharge your personal battery?

I really enjoy experiencing nature, particularly hiking trails or other less-traveled natural areas. Growing up, I would go on camping trips with my dad a lot. I think it provides a much needed break from busy city life.

On a more regular basis, I enjoy playing video games, as they provide a nice escape from the everyday. I could just as easily sit down with some coffee and listen to a sci-fi or fantasy audiobook for a respite.


Rapid-fire questions

Favorite NIU model? For sure the NQi GT. It’s stylish and powerful.

Your scooter’s name? I love thinking of goofy names for vehicles. Mine is named Scoots McGoots in the NIU app.

Go-to comfort food? Pizza. No question. You can put any kind of toppings on it and it’s very versatile.

Favorite genre of music? I honestly enjoy all types of music, but I enjoy a good melodic metal song.

Top travel destination? I really love visiting Vietnam. Great weather, great food, great people.

Perfect Sunday? Have some coffee and brunch with friends, enjoy some outdoor activities like a hike or picnic, then finish off with some video games in the evening.

Anything else you’d like to share? Sure! I like writing silly poems, so here’s a short one about NIU:
When I ride a NIU
Despite all it can do
The best part is no gas
Also, looking badass
And making the world renewed


We hope you have learned a bit more about NIU and who we are from the first article in the NIU Perspectives series.

Please stay tuned for future articles about other NIU staff members.


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