Why should you buy an electric scooter? Silent, smooth and clean, electric scooters make your commutes easier and more comfortable. Skip the busy roads and enjoy beginning your day in good vibes.

Here the 4 reasons why you should buy an electric scooter.

buy an electric scooter save money
Save money and travel more l Credits : @nicolas_unreal @mmproduction.it

1. Save money buying an electric scooter

In France, a gasoline liter is set around €1.40. In average, a full tank of gas will cost you €7 for a drive range about 150 kilometers. The bill is increasing fast if you use your scooter for your daily commutes.

Beyond the actual purchase cost of a car, owners can spend up to €2000 a year on petrol -it is no wonder that the cost of fuel is such important factor when purchasing a car. Public transportation costs can also reach a staggering €1900 per year. It’s no surpise many are considering the electric scooters as a far more cost efficient means of traveling around the city.

Did you know that the cost of driving an electric scooter is set around €0,30 only for 70 kilometers?

Buying an electric scooter is a budget tip. Switching to electric makes you save money.  Think about what you could buy with all these savings !

2. Respect the environment, and the others

It is time to think about the environment, and to act individually. Every year in France, 42.000 people are dying because of air pollution. Imagine, each Paris citizen inhale 200.000 pollution particles every day.

Driving an electric scooter is the priviledge of enjoying a sustainable, silent and smooth ride. Goodbye dirty petrol fumes, hello cleaner planet.

Without an exhaut pipe clogging up the environment, electric scooter hugely reduce your carbon footprint.

If you did not know it, electric vehicles are also extremely quiet. Far from a noisy, foggy and busy morning, relax and let yourself be guided.


buy an electric scooter
Escape from traffic jams l Credits : @nicolas_unreal @mmproduction.it

3. Buy an electric scooter, arrive at work faster

In 54 hours, we can do a lot of things. That’s a pity people are spending these 54 hours waiting in traffics jams every YEAR.

Ever feel you’re spending precious hours wilting away in traffic staring at the bumper in front of you? In many cities all over the world, congestion unfortunately is now an accepted part of daily urban life but with an electric scooter, you leave behind all your traffic woes. Quite literally.

Buying an electric scooter means accessing to more freedom. Good bye traffic jams and hunting for a parking space. Take your own roads even those you never took and let’s explore!

Next time you head to work, take a look at how many cars you spot with only one person inside. You’ll notice, aside from the driver, the majority of cars are often empty. The reality is, driving 4 wheels often makes no sense and is least efficient way of getting to work or moving around your city.

The only drawback is you can’t tell your boss anymore that you are late because of traffic jams ;).

4. Easy to maintain

Electric scooters are much easier to maintain than petrol scooters. Plug in, charge, ready to go!

Electric scooters are a breeze to maintain, and if you’ve ever owned a motorbike before, then you know how time and cost consuming maintenance can be. Lubricating, checking, adjusting AND tuning various components are part and parcel of owning a motorbike. Buying an electric scooter will change your life!

The same can also be said of car ownership. Without an engine to replace, fan belts, air filters, or spark plugs, your electric scooter is even more economical after you consider saved maintenance costs!

5. More handle

When a normal scooter weights in average 115 kilograms, the NIU UQi only weights 61.  If you need to bring your e-scooter in an elevator up to your home, this is also the model you need.

More handle and easier to park, electric scooters are accessible to everybody.


So now, are you ready to take a ride ?

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