Welcome to week 20! It’s our last week so we’ve got a great one for you. We want to talk a little about the history of the EV market and what to expect in the coming years. Plus, we’ve got the coolest commercial we could find at the bottom.

1.We’re charged up for FullyCharged
This week we’re going to lead with a video. Well not just a video but an entire YouTube Channel that talks about electric cars, bikes, and even planes. Supercharged is super cool and a little informative too.


2. All the history you need on one sheet
This helpful pdf sheet put together by the International Energy Angency takes you through the EV market since it began almost 100 years ago. It’s crazy to see how things have changed


3. Just give me the brief history
While the full history is nice, these 4 charts, will show you everything you need to know about the Electric mobility market in the past couple of years.

4. The future is bright
We’ve made a habit of getting excited about the future of electric cars and scooters (cause it’s super exciting), but here are 10 future electric cars that will be available before 2020 and they’re awesome.

5. The best commercial ever
We think Ford’s commercial from last year’s super bowl is the best. Not because we love commercials, but because it shows Ford’s dedication to improving mobility. They build great cars, but they can’t beat our scooters.


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