Welcome to this week Friday Five’s! As always, we’re look at some new things with batteries and the EV market, but we’re also talking about urban design. Why is an electric scooter company worried about urban design? Because we’re trying to solve the urban mobility problem and it’ll take everyone’s help.

  1. Christmas shopping?
    Are you looking to add a book to your family’s stockings? Look no further than The Nature of Urban Design. New York City Chief Urban Designer Alexandros Washburn brings expertise and excitement to the future of urban design. Buy it if for no other reasons than to just look at the pictures… 
  2. Public spaces make it or break it
    That’s what Amanda Burden has to say about the success of cities. Check out her Ted Talk where she uses her background as an animal behaviorist to describe a perfect city
  3. For everything transportation…
    Check out Mobility Lab. This website shares everything you need to know about the transportation industry from news and policy changes to general research. We use it to stay up to speed and so should you. 
  4. Electric vehicles are perfect for… developing countries?
    Yep, that’s right. This well-researched article from the Stanford Energy Journal explains how the low cost per mile of operating one of these bad boys is much better for a developing economy. We think electric scooters could be even more effective
  5. The inventor of the lithium ion battery is making improvements…
    John Goodenough first invented the lithium ion battery, but that wasn’t goodenough (pun intended) for him. Along with a team of researchers, he’s developed a glass electrolyte battery that will be more powerful and charge faster.
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