German urban air mobility developer, Volocopter, introduced its fourth-generation eVTOL concept this week. The VoloCity, an urban air taxi solution, is tipped to have an autonomy of 35 km, airspeed of up to 110 km/h and capable of journeying two people with hand luggage.

Alpha 2.0

The Alpha 2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Bike by French company Pragma, is a two-wheel solution to modern energy demands and eco-mobility issues. It has been dubbed ‘the perfect mobility solution for professionals’.

Cloud Intelligence

When smart things get wheels, products like Superpedestrian really come into their own. Unlike others, Superpedestrian has cloud infrastructure which it calls its Vehicle Intelligence Platform. Check out why they believe their smart e-scooter is safer and higher tech.


Like the MINI Cooper? You’re gonna love the MINI Electric. The British classic now manufactured by BMW is going green, and will unveil its first ever electric vehicle as soon as March 2020.

Traffic sucks

In what is absolutely (not) the shock of 2019, residents of San Francisco’s Bay area are some of the worst affected by traffic jams in the USA. 103 hours and 45 gallons of gasoline per person, and a combined $4.7 billion wasted, see why people are now out of patience as well as pocket.



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