Welcome back to Friday Five! This week in your EV encyclopedia, we bring you the latest news in electric mobility; everything from an EV vending machine, to a back to basics charging guide, and all things current (pun intended). Let’s get started!

  1. Electric vehicle vending machine.
    We are not kidding! Alibaba has unveiled plans to open dozens of enormous EV vending machines across China. Simply scan the vehicle you want to drive, then take a selfie and you’re on your way; the ultimate try before you buy experience.


  1. CEO Ford moving forward!
    With China leading the EV revolution, William C. Ford. Jr plans to launch 15 electric/plug-in gasoline cars in China by 2025. Coupled with this, Volkswagen will be investing an eye-watering $12 billion into their future EVs models. With investments like these, its clear that the future of mobility is electric.


  1. Charging your electric vehicle 101.
    If you’ve ever thought about using an EV you’ve come to the right place! Evobsession has outlined the multiple ways to charge your EV. Convenience is so important. That’s why NIU scooters’ batteries are removable and can be charged by any power socket.


  1. A $500 Tesla?
    Well, not quite the Tesla you were thinking of. This video showcases the Tiny Tesla designed for ages 3+. It is a replica of Tesla’s Model S, and is simply adorable!


  1. Turn your city on!
    In his book Within Walking Distance, Philip Langdon argues that cities and its services should be accessible and made ‘walkable’. By planning out transportation routes, a place’s walkability can serve as a catalyst for a better community.


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