The future is now

Ever wondered about the economics of cycling? Find out with this entry from Bikebiz, and read why they believe the future of urban mobility is now.

Star E-lliance

VW is deepening cooperation with its suppliers to persuade them to increase battery production. By 2025, the German giant will need 150 gigawatt hours’ worth of battery production capacity in Europe, and another 150 gWh in Asia. By 2030 this figure will double.


Volvo’s Vera, the electric self-driving trucks, are headed for the road with their first actual job. The autonomous haulers will be delivering containers to a Swedish port. Showcased in 2018, Vera is the handiwork of the Volvo Trucks division, a driverless alternative to traditional trucks for short distances.

Winning Formula

Not a Formula One fan? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow Formula-E. Have a look at this insight into why the electric racing league matters and, despite the naysayers, why it is building a loyal fanbase.

Simply the best

RISE, the tech conference, took place in Hong Kong this week, talking all things eMobility. This week’s short clip is from NIU Technologies CEO, Li Yan, who discusses why smart electric scooters may be the best form of future commuting.



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