Honda eUrban

After a sneak peak at the Honda EV earlier this year, their trendy-come-retro electric car is almost here. The lightweight car brings a fun and shifty appeal to Honda’s electric line. The EV progresses Honda’s plan to feature electric powertrains in all European cars by 2025. 

You’re Hired

Rivian is charging forward to bring the first long range pick-up truck to market. The startup has been on a hiring surge from competing companies such as Mclaren, Ford and Apple. Large investments from Amazon and Ford have pushed Rivian into the forefront of EV technology. 

Regulación por la Nación

The new trend of urban kick-scooters has hit Spain; but the government is struggling to determine how to regulate them. The scooters are even getting criticism from cyclists who accuse the scooters of taking up ‘their’ lanes.

Can you smell gas?

BMW is pushing boundaries by installing technology to automatically switch off combustion engines and turn on electric driving in polluted areas. The function plans are to be debuted in 2020. 


Have a peek at the EHANG 184: a self driving electric passenger drone, that functions just like a taxi. The company is still applying for its final air certificates before lift off.


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