Uber Air

The Ridesharing company says test flights of its Uber Air’s helicopter-like ‘flying car’ will begin next year, with Melbourne, Australia, set to be its first city outside of the US to hold trials.

Scooting Bird

The San Francisco-based EV tech company, Bird, is acquiring Scoot. Together, they will offer riders more vehicles featuring the latest technology advancements for the sharing market.

Let’s Revel

With 1,000 units now on the road, Revel, the smart electric scooter sharing startup, has joined the market in New York with a bang. Take a look at initial reviews from riders after its recent première.

Champion Thinking

As the world transitions to electric vehicles and zero emissions transport, ex-Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg has hailed the ABB Formula E electric car racing series for its key role in pushing development in the industry.

Sky to Scoop

Nissan has taken the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) out of ice-cream, by unveiling a zero-emissions van to sell the UK nation’s favorite. This short entry highlights its portable battery power pack that uses recycled EV batteries, vehicle-to-grid energy transfer and loads more smart features.




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