Welcome to Friday Five! This week we’re going to be giving you some updates on what’s happening in the EV world. Also, check out the bottom of the post for an awesome book recommendation we just finished reading. Let’s get started!

  1. There’s something new under the sun
    And that’s solar powered EV’s… maybe. This post has everything there is to know about solar electric vehicles. It seems the mobility industry has made a habit out of turning impossibilities into reality.
  2. Market explosion!
    Here at Niu, we keep a close eye on Europe. Because of that, we wanted to share some numbers with you. In the first half of 2017, EV sales have jumped 38% since last year. It seems that the Europeans are in love.
  3. Is car-ownership still necessary?
    Some would argue no. Especially with the rise of electric scooters and apps like Uber and Lyft. The American entrepreneur David Thorpe gave up car-ownership back in 2014. Read about his experience.
  4. Uber thinks they are the future
    We can’t see the future, but Uber’s ex-CEO makes some interest points in his Ted Talk. Uber believes their model will reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, but watch the video to learn about how the ride-sharing concept is over 100 years old.
  5. Are you happy?
    Well your city design may have something to do with that. Charles Montgomery’s book Happy City looks at the intersection of happiness and urban design and it’s an awesome book; even if you’re already happy…

Current Event:
The largest car market announced early this week that it is working on a timetable to end the production of traditional energy vehicles.

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