Welcome to this week’s issue of the Friday 5 blog! This week is packed with all the EV industry information you’ve been waiting for. From electric London black cabs to Volkswagen announcing its new electric car-sharing platform this week is filled with exciting news and information.


London Black Cabs Turn Electric

The iconic London black cabs have turned electric! With no additional costs to customers, London black cabs hope to save up to £100 on weekly fuel costs. This is a big change for UK transportation. It seems that the shift to e-mobility in public transport is happening sooner than expected!


VW Electric Car Sharing Platform

Volkswagen has announced that their electric car-sharing platform ‘WE’ will be launched next year. ‘WE’ will be launched in Germany and there are plans to extend the platform to other major cities. Here at NIU we are also involved with  sharing platforms. From Madrid to Vienna, we are active across many cities and countries worldwide.


ChargePoint Acquires E-mobility Software Company Kisensum

ChargePoint has recently purchased E-mobility software company Kisensum. ChargePoint is one of many companies who has started to make big investments in the e-mobility sector as the shift to e-mobility vehicles is becoming more real.


Diesel Car Sales to Drop to 5%

In Europe, Diesel car sales are predicted to drop down to 5% by 2030. Electric vehicles appear to be the solution and therefore their sales are predicted to significantly increase in the coming years.


Unlock your city: Munich

Munich located in the heart of Bavaria, Germany is a modern city with a contrasting traditional appearance. Famous for its beer halls and its annual Oktoberfestival, Munich is a popular place for beer lovers. However, Munich has much more to offer than just beer. It’s a city filled with history and rich with culture.

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