Week 18 Friday Five! With only three more weeks left, we’ve got a special one for you this week. We’re talking about electric vehicles from the past and also what the future holds. We’ve also got an Elon Musk Ted Talk at the end. He always has interesting things to say so let’s get started.

  1. The history of EVs
    We’ve talked a lot about what the electric future will look like, but what can the history of EV’s teach us? That’s what Jonathan Susser from Advanced Energy asked in a recent blog post. It’s an easy read and well worth the time. You can also check out Niu’s history here
  2. So, what do the investment banks think?
    They’re excited. Check out some awesome EV infographics that Goldman Sach’s has on their website. 
  3. What real people say:
    Read about real people’s experiences with EV’s. At Niu, we think this kind of information is invaluable. Click here if you have your own stories you’d like to share. 
  4. The keys to success
    Read about what researchers at UC Berkley say is the key to successful public transportation. In fact, it’s pretty simple; connect areas where a lot of people live to areas where a lot of people work. If all else fails, we recommend just getting a scooter. 
  5. Your (recommended) weekly dose of Elon Musk
    This is actually the first feature we’re doing on Elon Musk which is surprising since he’s trying to change the world; at least the transportation world that is. Take a look at his Ted Talk where he breaks down his vision for tunneling under Los Angeles.


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