Week 24 Friday Five! This week, how fast is the fastest EV? Which countries offer the best EV incentives? How is EV becoming more accessible? NIU takes you on a journey of EV news. Let’s get started!


  1. Google’s answer to reducing emissions

In 2011, Google announced its RechargeIt initiative back over a decade ago. Google has launched a car-sharing programme for employees, GFleet, and recently installed 71 Coulomb EV charging stations outside its global headquarters in California.


  1. EV secondhand industry

EVs originally found their success by being the colossal technological shift necessary in the automotive industry. The growth of secondhand and leasing services are increasingly becoming a cost-effective option for those who are easing into the EV transition.


  1. Best countries for EV incentives.

Research carried out by Fleetcarma summarizes EV subsidy schemes available worldwide. Now is the best time to get your own EV; EVs’ popularity will only increase, thus the need for governments to provide incentives will likely drop.


  1. Connectivity, Electrification, and Automation; new trends in urban transportation

It’s clear that EV is taking flight worldwide, but how does this revolution sit with aging populations, the handicapped, solving congestion and easing everyday travel? Check out this awesome article that sheds light on new urban mobility concepts!


  1. The fastest electric car!

As always, NIU provides a video for our fans within the Friday Five! This week, we showcase the FASTEST land speed EV which reached 341 m.p.h. taken from an average of 2 drives.  The world record was smashed by the team comprised of Ohio State University students.

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