Flying Taxis

Yes, you read that correctly! And it’s not something from Harry Potter. German Start-up Lilium has produced a jet powered prototype to take you from A to B in the sky. Oh, and it’s electric too.


The world’s leading automotive battery supplier, Panasonic, announced today that together with Tropos Motors, the companies partnership will bring advanced levels of connectivity, efficiency and performance to compact commercial vehicles. CCVs are the second largest class of fleet vehicles.

Leading the Nor-way

Norway has just 5.26 million people – about half the size of Los Angeles County in population, yet 65% less vehicles on its roads than LA. However, Norway trumps America’s most saturated EV market. Per capita, Norway has more electric car owners and drivers than anywhere else in the world.

Third Gear

The id3 is reportedly going to be Volkswagen’s third chapter after the Beetle and the Golf. With a funky, unique design, it looks set to add some swag to roads near you in 2020.

Meet Digit

Ford has partnered with Agility Robotics to create Digit: a two-legged delivery robot. It could be delivering packages straight to your door in the future. Ford claims Digit can carry packages of up to 18kg, navigate stairs, and manage unexpected obstacles.



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