Welcome one-and all to your daily dosage of EV news – The Friday Five! This week, we’re talking about innovation. Oh how times are changing. We see more and more EVs and infrastructure to support them from around the world, but we haven’t discussed how they also differ.


  1. Istanbul are going electric?

It seems Turkey are catching up with the electric mobility revolution. It is now possible to board self-driving buses from Istanbul’s airport and some closed roads. We love the design of these buses… maybe because they’re the same colors as our NIU scooters?


  1. Can you charge your car on the go?

Sweden has built an electrified road that recharges your car as you’re driving on it. The project, called eRoad Arlanda, is part of the Swedish Government’s plans for a fossil-fuel independent transportation system by 2030.


  1. Irish EV innovation

Dublin local council have launched the streetlamp EV charging points. Street lamps have tremendous potential to make electric vehicles more accessible to householders, as there are currently not enough charging stations to support the growth of Ireland’s EV scene.


  1. Could car sharing boost EV sales?

Good question. This links back to the Irish article because of the problems of a lack of EV charging stations in residential areas. Perhaps if one vehicle was shared then parking and charging would no longer be an issue. Fleet Europe make 5 key arguments made to suggest ‘yes’, including the overarching theme to make cities cleaner and better places to live.


  1. Unlock Your City – Berlin

We all know Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany. What you may not know is that it is the second-most populous city proper in the European Union. From key sites including Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin wall, the city is famous for its art and modern landmarks. This short video by Jonas Hofmann is a fun watch showcasing some of Berlin’s best sites. Enjoy – Berlin


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