Old but Gold

A flashback Friday article here with IKEA offering home-delivery with solar powered rickshaws in India. This is one of the many innovative solutions the Swedish Giant is implementing to go green.

Solar Automobile

Husqvarna has stepped-up the new trend of self-driving lawn mowers by giving us the solar-powered automower. From anywhere in the world, you can command your rain-proof lawn mower back at home. 

Apple Car

Apple has recently acquired self-driving car company “Drive.ai”, which was last valued at around $200 million. Apple targeted Drive.ai due to its refreshing take on the self-driving car industry. 


Meet the Skoda Klement bicycle. Along with the 4kW motor which propels the bike to top speeds of 48 km/hr, the Klement conveniently uses the riders smartphone as a personal interface. 

Mumbai Express

India has teamed up with Virgin Hyperloop One to create an 1100 km/hr train (Three times the speed of China’s Gaotie bullet train) in Mumbai. It has created jobs, shortened commute time, and prides itself on its safety. 

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