How is it to drive an electric scooter in Paris? Saúl (@saaggo)  has lived in Paris for over 11 years where he works as a photographer and drives his NIU NQi GT daily.


Saúl driving his NIU NQi electric scooter in Paris
Saúl driving his NIU NQi in Paris

“I use my NIU every day for working, shopping… it is much more convenient than a car! I can’t imagine how long people spend in their cars to go and come back from work every day. The dual carriageways are always busy, Paris is full of traffic jams and the metro is overcrowded. I’m glad I don’t experience these problems anymore!


Before, it took me 30 minutes to go to work by metro. My daily commutes were tiresome and stressful. With NIU, I reach the same destination in just 15 minutes, I even have enough time to drive around at night after work. I enjoy the freedom the scooter gives me. Over a year, I have already driven 10 000 kilometers and still counting.


Taking public transportation is neither convenient nor safe. There are many thefts in the metro so I was always anxious when I brought my camera. And with the current Coronavirus situation, I am glad I have my scooter. I definitely feel safer.


Having a NIU is also super useful for my job. If a see a nice spot, I just park close by, whip out my camera and snap the shot. I save so much time! Sometimes I don’t even get off the scooter; I just stop, take my camera out and take my pictures. I did it a few weeks ago to get some nice pictures of the Eiffel Tower.


Saúl in Paris with his Niu

The good news is that there are more and more parking spots for two-wheelers in Paris, especially around Les Champs Elysées. While car parking is expensive, scooter parking is free, and I never struggle to find a parking spot. We can even park close to the Arc de Triomphe.


My favorite place in Paris is the Montmartre district. It is like a little city inside Paris that looks like it remains frozen in the 20s. There are many restaurants, bars, and the Basilic du Sacrécoeur.


I used to recharge my NIU every two days at home, but there are also some spots around town where I can recharge, such as the commercial center Velizy 2. I hope in the future Paris will implement more charging areas for electric scooters, they seem willing to do so.”


And you, would you also like to drive your Niu in Paris? Tell us in the comments below!

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