Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you’ve probably heard that NIU riders surpassed 10 billion km total distance traveled on our electric scooters.

This was made possible only through the awesome support of our NIU Club community across 50+ countries and 1,200+ stores! We are so proud of our users, and we appreciate each and every kilometer you contributed! Thank you, #NIUClub!

As a way to show our appreciation, we are currently holding a giveaway for two limited-edition NQi Sport models. Go visit either Instagram post for more details!

However, it may be difficult for the average person to fully comprehend the vast distance that NIU riders have traveled. To help visualize this, we set out to create some images that demonstrate how far 10 billion kilometers really is. We also asked for contributions from our Instagram followers. Check out all of our pictures below!


An astronaut’s journey

We might take the sunrise and sunset for granted each day, but you might be shocked at just how far away the sun really is.

According to NASA, the sun is an average distance of 149 million kilometers (93 million miles) from the Earth. That means that NIU riders have traveled the distance to the sun and back over 33 times! Wow!

10 billion km traveled is 33 trips to the sun and back

If you prefer to think in terms of something a bit closer, we can think about journeying to the moon instead!

The average distance to the moon is 382,500 km (237,674 miles) — that means our users have racked up 26,143 trips to the moon and back! That’s a lot of frequent flyer points for Instagram user @mrwolf.it, who suggested this to us!

10 billion km is 26,143 trip sto the moon and back


A long haul scooter ride

This next example proves how we could not have reached the 10 billion km milestone without help from all of our users worldwide.

Although the NQi GT might be among the fastest and most powerful electric scooters, it would take a single rider, traveling at full speed, a jaw-dropping 16,308 years to travel the full distance! Let’s hope that lonely rider brought some snacks along for the ride!

10 billion km equals 16,308 years riding on a NIU NQi GT


Two lifetimes of scrolling

Have you ever felt like you just spent all day long scrolling on your phone? Well, try scrolling for 190 years! That’s about how long it would take you to scroll that distance at full swiping speed. You’re going to need at least one partner (or maybe several) to tag in and continue swiping into the next generation!

Have you been training with finger weights? You’re going to need it!

10 billion km equals 190 years of scrolling on your phone


Sprinting and sprinting and sprinting

Usain Bolt may have set a new standard for human speed in 2009 with his world record 9.58 second pace in the 100 meter sprint. But do you think he could keep it up for 30,373 years!?

That’s how long it would take to reach 10 billion km at his record-breaking pace. Something makes us think he might get tired after a couple thousand years, but who knows? Thanks to @therealtobiausnairobi for this one!

10 billion km is equivalent to Usain Bolt's 100m world record pace for 30,373 years


Saving up Euro coins

You’ll need the world’s largest piggy bank for this next one. Better start saving your money by getting an electric scooter!

It would take over 388 trillion two Euro coins side by side to reach a distance of 10 billion km! That’s about 3,000 times the total number of Euro coins in circulation! We appreciate the solid financial advice from @photoscout.at.now.

10 billion km equals 388 trillion 2 Euro coins side by side


We hope you can pick your jaw off the floor after these mind-blowing examples!

It’s truly an astounding feat that our riders reached this collective distance! If you don’t already have a NIU, check out some key tips to bear in mind when choosing a scooter. You can also visit a local dealer and test drive one for yourself.

Stay tuned for more content celebrating this 10 billion km achievement.


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