Considering driving electric? Imagine driving your NIU overlooking a magnificent mountain range. Ailo, a 16-year-old NIU-rider and owns the UQi GT, and kindly shared his experience driving electric in a small town called Tromsø, Norway in the Arctic Circle. We caught up with Ailo to tell his story and his NIU adventures after clocking 2979km since he first started riding in July. 

Tromsø, Norway, is famous for many reasons. A city surrounded in beauty was appropriately nicknamed the “Paris of the North”. Once more, this iconic city is famous for being one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. Ailo wanted to combine the breathtaking nature of Tromsø with his desire for a more environmentally friendly means of travelling around his city. At that moment, he decided to join the NIU Crew and drive electric.

“The electric scooter is not the most common way to get around in Tromsø, Norway. With a very limited amount of daylight in a year and quite rough winters, it makes it challenging for NIU to become the main way to commute. However, inspired by the stunning nature around, the interest to follow an electric lifestyle is high.”

It is clear that more and more people are understanding the benefits of electric mobility and want to convert to a greener, more sustainable means of urban commuting. More and more young people, like Ailo, are even considering driving electric as their first-time vehicle. Ailo is part of a bigger movement of young people who want their first-time vehicle to be electric, and he will play a pioneering role in revolutionizing how people travel around Tromsø.

As a teenager, he understands that the future is electric and is pioneering the electric revolution throughout Tromsø.

“Another thing I loved was that [the UQi GT] is silent, barely any noise. Since I had a license for a moped, I would have one that’s silent and good for the climate, than an attention seeker and loud fossil scooter.”

The UQi GT is an excellent scooter with a maximum range of 95km powered by an 11kg removable battery, located underneath the scooter’s seat. Unlike other NIU models, the UQi GT features keyless ignition, allowing users to turn the UQi-Series scooter on and off from a single touch of a button on the scooter’s key.

As a trendsetter for his city, Ailo has also become a local celebrity thanks to his NIU steed.

“I’ve only seen one other electric scooter up here, but it was not a NIU. Many of my friends and also random people have shown interest in the electric moped, mainly because it’s something people didn’t know exist, and also because it’s silent.”

Ailo takes every opportunity to explore on his UQi GT, and snapping shots around Prestvannet Lake and other key landmarks in his local area. 

“I get to and from school and I’m really satisfied with my scooter, I definitely will drive electric all my life, that’s my goal. Imagine someone at 16 saying their first vehicle is electric, not many can say that. Electric is the future, and I think NIU is a bit underrated, but I think the future will be fantastic for NIU, and more and more users will come.”

Check out some recent shots captured by Ailo below:

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