The chapter on 2022 is closed now, which means it’s time to recognize the best local scooter dealers of the year!

NIU’s global network of scooter dealers is now servicing more places than ever, and the 2022 NIU Dealer Awards highlight the stores that soared above the rest. These dealers continue to redefine urban mobility every day through their actions, not just their words!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in to the list!


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Best Dealer

NIU Best Dealer Award
Best Dealer 2022: NIU Flagship Milan

This dealer represents the best that NIU has to offer in all areas: community, sales, customer service, marketing, showroom presence, and more. You won’t find a better all-around store in our dealer network!

It may not come as a surprise that the winner for 2022’s Best Dealer is…

NIU Flagship Milan (Italy)!

Yet another year as the Best Dealer for the Milan team! Outstanding!

We also want to give a shout-out to our excellent runner-up candidates: NIU Flagship Hull (UK) and NIU Premium Store: OTR Service (Netherlands)!


Best Seller

NIU Best Seller Award
Best Seller 2022: NIU Flagship Milan

The Best Seller in 2022 really knows how to get customers excited about NIU products, finding the perfect fit for each rider and outselling all our other dealers.

Give it up for…

NIU Flagship Milan (Italy)!

Unbelievable! Two awards already for NIU Flagship Milan. Their hard work has paid off, literally!

Following closely behind was NIU Flagship Paris Tour Eiffel (France) and NIU Flagship Kathmandu (Nepal)!


Best Overall Growth

Best Overall Growth Award
Best Overall Growth 2022: NIU Premium Store: De Beente

This dealer is really skyrocketing compared to 2021, and they’ve flown all the way to the top of the Best Overall Growth category in our NIU Dealer Awards for 2022!

At the head of the pack is…

NIU Premium Store: De Beente (Netherlands)!

You did a swell job! Keep it up in 2023!

Two more dealers who really demonstrated impressive growth this year are On The Wheel Brighton (UK) and NIU Flagship Porto (Portugal)!


Best Accessories Seller

Best Accessories Seller
Best Accessories Seller 2022: NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy

Behind every great NIU is great riding gear. Whether it may be scooter accessories to bundle up for winter or perhaps for summer time, the Best Accessories Seller in 2022 has what you need on hand (or on scooter)!

The Best Accessories Seller Award for this year goes to…

NIU Premium Store: Motos Bordoy (Spain)!

Well done, Motos Bordoy! We salute you with gloved hands.

Another couple of NIU dealers that really know how to accessorize are NIU Flagship Edinburgh (UK) and NIU Premium Store: Elmo Elektrische Mobiliteit (Netherlands). Looking good!


Best Test Drive Recruiter

Best Test Drive Recruiter
Best Test Drive Recruiter 2022: NIU Flagship Lisbon

We can all remember the first time we test drove a NIU: how your face lit up with a smile as you silently purred along the road. The Best Test Drive Recruiter provides a stellar experience for our first-time riders, and they should be applauded.

2022’s award for Best Test Drive Recruiter is none other than…

NIU Flagship Lisbon (Portugal)!

Another year at the top for NIU Flagship Lisbon. The whole team should be proud for getting our riders hooked!

It’s also worth mentioning the runner-up test drive champions: NIU Flagship Bergamo (Italy) and NIU Premium Store: Vertical eMobility (Austria)!


Best Marketing Initiative

Best Marketing Initiative Award
Best Marketing Initiative 2022: NIU Flagship Bogota

This next local scooter dealer knows how to reach our customers. Marketing is second nature to them, and they know what speaks to the NIU audience.

Congratulations to 2022’s Best Marketing Initiative winner:

NIU Flagship Bogota (Colombia)!

Keep crushing those marketing goals in 2023!

Hot on the heels of our Marketing Initiative winner are two great contenders — NIU Flagship Hull (UK) and NIU Flagship Santiago (Chile).


Best Community Builder

Best Community Builder Award 2022
Best Community Builder 2022: NIU Flagship Stockholm

NIU vehicles have the ability to bring people together (literally and figuratively), and nobody understands that as much as the Best Community Builder in 2022.

Flying the NIU Club flag, you will see at the front…

NIU Flagship Stockholm (Sweden)!

Awesome job, Stockholm team! Once again you are crowned the kings and queens of community!

We certainly can’t forget to mention our other outstanding community cultivators: NIU Flagship Hull (UK) and NIU Flagship Santiago (Chile)!


Best Showroom

Best Showroom Award 2022
Best Showroom 2022: NIU Flagship Porto

Shopping at a store shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an experience: seeing, touching, and (not) hearing the NIU vehicles in person. This next local scooter dealer knows how to create just such an experience for our customers.

Feast your eyes on the Best Showroom winner:

NIU Flagship Porto (Portugal)!

We can hardly believe what we’re seeing, and our customers feels the same! Nicely done!

We also want to recognize NIU Premium Store: Polderscooter (Netherlands) and NIU Flagship Pokhara (Nepal) for their awe-inspiring showrooms.


Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service Award 2022
Best Customer Service 2022: NIU Flagship Milan

The Best Customer Service award means so much to us, because it means so much for our riders. We want every NIU rider (or future NIU rider) to feel special when they walk into our stores. This honor is given to the store that takes the time to understand our customers on a personal level.

The local scooter dealer with the Best Customer Service in 2022 is:

NIU Flagship Milan (Italy)!

Congratulations on yet another award this year, Milan team! You really put our riders first, and we appreciate that as much as they do.

Other dealers with a customer-first approach include NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Belgium) and NIU Flagship Hull (UK)!


Best Technical Service

Best Technical Service Award 2022
Best Technical Service 2022: NIU Premium Store: OTR Service

The award for Best Technical Service is given to the scooter dealer who really knows the ins and outs of NIU vehicles. You’ve got a problem? They’ll solve it, and look good doing it, too!

In 2022, the Best Technical Service award goes to:

NIU Premium Store: OTR Service (Netherlands)!

Great job, OTR Service! You’re the tech-savvy friend we all need in our lives!

Two more local scooter dealers who know their way around a NIU would be NIU Flagship Hull (UK) and NIU Flagship Antwerpen (Belgium)!


Best NIU Academy

Best NIU Academy Awards 2022
Best NIU Academy 2022: NUUV Flagship Pilar

The NIU Academy is the online platform where our partners learn their encyclopedic knowledge of NIU and our products. The Best NIU Academy dealer has studied their heart out, both online and offline, so they can answer any question our users may throw at them.

The local dealer who really did their homework this year was:

NUUV Flagship Pilar (Argentina)!

You’ve graduated at the top of your class in NIU Academy! Well done!

Two more Academy students that graduated with honors are NIU Flagship Edinburgh (UK) and NIU Store: E-Mobility Cyprus (Cyprus)!


The NIUbe

NIUBe Award 2022
The NIUBe 2022: NIU Flagship Honolulu

They might be new, but they’re still NIU! The NIUbe Award is given to the rising star in the NIU ranks; they are a dealer who has shown great potential in 2022 and we expect them to continue doing exciting things in 2023!

This year’s NIUbe Award goes to…

NIU Flagship Honolulu (USA)!

Keep up the good work, Honolulu team!

Don’t forget about two honorable mentions: NIU Flagship Hull (UK) and NIU Flagship Porto (Portugal)!


People’s Choice Award

People's Choice Award 2022
People’s Choice 2022: NIU Flagship Bogota

The next award winner was chosen by YOU, our faithful fans and partners around the world. Of course, receiving this award is very prestigious, since it means you’ve won the affection of NIU riders globally.

And the People’s Choice Award is given to…

NIU Flagship Bogota (Colombia)!

Congratulations! The people have spoken!

The people have also spoken in favor of NIU Flagship Milano Isola (Italy) and NIU Flagship Bali (Indonesia)!



Thank you to all of our dealers around the world, and especially to those winners in this list who worked so hard. Furthermore, we appreciate all of our fans and partners, as you’ve made all of this possible!

Happy riding and wishing you a great year ahead!

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