Thank God It’s Friday! You know what that means… It’s time for your weekly run-down of the Friday Five. this week, we are focusing on the links between smart technology, city discovery, and autonomy. We’re finding that with so much overlap these days that it’s getting harder to differentiate these terms. Follow this week’s article to find out why…


  1. Bosch – The Connected Services

The lines between technology and transport are becoming truly blurred. Bosch are covering all the bases from smartphone apps instead of vehicle keys to automated route guidance and sharing services worldwide. It’s no wonder Bosch are transforming driving experiences. It’s a good thing we partner with them for our motors!


  1. Unlock Your City – Amsterdam

Niu launched its first flagship store in Amsterdam a couple of months ago, with many more to come across Europe. As part of our ‘Unlock Your City’ branding, we are dedicating one video a week highlighting the beauty and opportunities in the cities worldwide. First, we proudly present the beauty of the Dutch capital – Amsterdam.


  1. Autonomous Developments

More and more vehicle manufacturers these days are waking up and pushing for self-driving vehicles. Solid-state Lidar is the approachable concept that may take autonomous vehicles by storm as a cost-effective, more functional solution to making self-driving cars mainstream.


  1. Top Apps for City Exploration

NIU allows you to explore your city on a vehicle you feel proud of and that you can rely on every single day to free you from urban congestion. To support this, we found a useful little article with some great apps to help you realize the potential of your city.


  1. $1 Billion EV Start-Up

EVelozcity was founded by 3 BMW veterans that are designing cars based on a ‘skateboard design.’ With a flooding of EV vehicles, design will play a huge factor in a brand’s value, taking a page from Apple’s marketing.  Their unique design would reduce assembly time by 30%, but also give their vehicles an iconic, signature look.


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