Delhi Alley

Panasonic has become the latest firm to join the queue looking to gain early market share in the ready-to-boom Indian eMobility market. The Japanese giant has launched Nymbus; an EV charging service at stations in the Indian capital of New Delhi. Their project also includes battery swap stations, as well as virtual systems like cloud services and analytics.

Bird is the word

Meet the Bird Cruiser: a bicycle-come-moped fusion. Depending on local markets, the Cruiser will either be pedal-assisted or just have a peg, and be compatible for 2 riders.

Social Robotics

Facebook has reportedly been working on developing a robotic electric motorcycle. A recent patent design shows much more detail than before about this odd device.

Das Tier

With strong competition from the likes of Voi, Lime and Wind, Berlin-based e-scooter startup Tier is rolling out new rental tech in a bid to further improve the usability and unit economics of its service.

Flying without wings

Amazon has been talking about drone deliveries for six years and counting. Why haven’t they been launched yet? Find out in this week’s video highlight of the week.



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