Friday Five is back! In this week’s rundown, we break down EV news into short digestible news summaries. This week, EV is discussed on a whole new level! Farewell to buses and trains! Technology meets philosophy. A Tesla in space! On that note, let’s get started!

1. A Tesla Out Of This World!
Quite literally! Entrepreneur Elon Musk made history by launching his own red Tesla Roadster into space via a Falcon Heavy Space X rocket. As you are reading this, there is a red Tesla, with a space mannequin (named Starman), playing Space Oddity on a billion year elliptic Mars orbit.

2. Bus, train, or hyperloop?
A team of urban visionaries is aiming to revolutionize land travel. . Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) bring airplane speeds to ground level (max. 1,223 km/h) through a network of low-pressure tubes between cities.

3. Would You Consider Becoming a Cyborg?
A very controversial question! Social entrepreneur Elon Musk thinks neurotechnology holds the key for the next phase of human evolution. Would you allow a computer to be installed in your brain if it improved your memory? Let us know!

4. Porsche to invest $7.4 billion into EV!
Luxury German car manufacturer Porsche has pledged over $7 BILLION into EV research and development. $860 million will go towards new technologies, charging infrastructure, and smart mobility. Could Germany overtake China in the EV race?

5. Chevrolet Bolt Winter Driving Review
The Chevrolet bolt is one of the most affordable EV cars on the market. Over on SlashGear, the team decided to push the Bolt to the limit in an icy climate. Both positives and negatives, what are your thoughts on the Bolt?

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