Premium Air eMobility

Porsche has announced a new partnership with Boeing, to develop a flying Porsche car. The collaboration will study the developing market for “premium urban air mobility” and design a vehicle using tech from Boeing’s Aurora Flight Sciences division

ICE Jockey

The Canadian EV industry annual growth rate is set to reach 28 percent over next ten years, as well as a 14-fold increase in jobs as annual investment in the sector is set to increase from $1.7 billion to $7 billion

Carbide Chips

German automotive supplier Robert Bosch is launching production of silicon carbide automotive chips, in a move to address the range anxiety that deters many drivers from switching to electric vehicles.
“Silicon carbide semiconductors bring more power to electric vehicles. For motorists, this means a 6% increase in range,” Bosch board member Harald Kroeger said on Monday.

Tokyo e-Palette

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo look set to be a showcase for technology as well as human sporting achievement. This autonomous pod, e-Palette by Toyota, will transport staff and athletes around the Paralympic and Olympic villages at next year’s games.

The Electric Dream

Join Mr. Manuj Khurana for this intriguing 10-minute TED talk video on revolutionizing e-mobility. Mr Khurana is working alongside governments, corporations and non-profit organizations in his quest for sustainable e-mobility.




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