Ohio Supplio

GM and LG Chem are investing approximately $2.3 billion to build an electric car battery factory in Lordstown, Ohio. The factory is projected to be running by 2023. In South Korea a security filing by LG Chem verified certain details of the investment this morning, in addition to a press release by GM this morning.

Coup goes Couputt

Coup, an electric moped scooter-sharing service that operates in Berlin, Paris and Madrid, has announced in an email that it is going to shut down in all three cities. On Twitter, the company has said that operating the service is economically unsustainable in the long term. Coup has also said that users who topped up their accounts with prepaid packages will get reimbursed when the service eventually shuts down.

Beasts from the East

In Asia, many of the region’s biggest cities are betting on advanced mobility technologies to help them attract business, grow economically, and solve two persistent problems: pollution and congestion. Forbes covers the big 5 in detail.

Howdy Cowboy

Cowboy, the design and software driven micro-mobility company, today announces that it will launch on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube from 12th December, as it seeks to raise seven figures to fuel its ambitions on leading the micro-mobility revolution. The round has already got off to a good start with Cowboy having secured £1million investment, ahead of the public round.

Die Mannschaft

Is public transport where you are already electrified? MAN claims to be the ideal partner in taking on the future of urban mobility. Check out their MAN Lions City E video to have a look at the future of urban mobility.

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