Darshan Pokhrel puts the NQiGT through its paces on the 150km journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan. Below you can read and experience what life on the road is like in Nepal.

I recently traveled 160 kilometers of hilly highway roads on the NQiGT; from Kathmandu to Chitwan, with one full charge under dynamic mode. It’s safe to say it was one of the best roadtrips of my life.

It was during this journey that I fully realized that the scooter is built to be extremely durable. Thanks to NIU, even the bumpy roads of Nepal are a delight to travel on!

Despite harsh conditions, not only was it highly comfortable, it was also very reliable as I had no issues with it whatsoever.

What I love most about it is the design- modern and slick which definitely stands out wherever I take it. With 3 different modes, I can adjust the speed and performance based on the road and traffic which makes riding on the crowded streets of Nepal extremely safe. 

The silent green warrior

Due to the rising prices of fuel and the dire consequences of using such fuel-based scooters on nature, NIU has been a godsend; helping me to not only save money but also play a part and contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment. 

A huge thanks to Darshan who is one of the many individuals supporting the Niu.Nepal #greenwarrior campaign, helping fight air pollution and climate change one scooter at a time.

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