Welcome back to the Friday Five! As always, we appreciate you taking the time to check in on what’s new and fresh in the EV universe. This week we’re taking a look at some new, revolutionary vehicles, peering into the minds of Volkswagen’s upper management, giving you an update on last week’s glimpse into a San Francisco feud, and exploring the streets of the Czech Republic!


  1. Clean Garbage?

You’ve heard about electric cars, buses, and trucks, but have you ever stopped to think about what other types of vehicles will go green in the electric revolution? Now, there are electric garbage trucks set to start appearing on the streets of Europe in 2019.


  1. Easy Rider:

Motorcycles can be intimidating, but Honda has developed a system that keeps the bike upright even at speeds below 3 mph. This is to keep riders safe and confident in low-stability situations. Moto-noobies, fear no more!


  1. Volkswagen Looking East

If you didn’t already know, China is the largest market in the world for electric vehicles. International auto-makers like Volkswagen are taking note and pouring massive investments into Chinese joint ventures for development of electric and autonomous vehicles in the coming years. Are we watching the auto industry take a new form?


  1. Ride Without a Worry

With the recent crackdown on shared stand-up scooters, you may be wondering how you can travel the streets on San Francisco on a dockless electric vehicle. With Scoot, you can use a shared electric moped via a subscription, all while complying with all of the local laws and regulations!


  1. Unlock Your City: Prague

A historic Eastern European hub packed to the brim with gothic architecture, Prague has a lot to offer. You can explore its storied old-city and feel like you’re back in time. Surrounding this is a cultural and business melting pot. Oh, and don’t forget about the beer gardens.

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